Omicron pushes medical services into a “state of crisis” — Action News Now

British medical professionals warn that health services are in crisis due to the surge in Omicron cases

Several NHS trust agencies announced that due to the rapid spread of Omicron, “major events” such as shortage of staff and increased hospitalization have put the NHS into a “state of crisis”.

The chief executive of the NHS Federation, Matthew Taylor, warned in a speech on Tuesday that the British health services are struggling to cope with the pressure of the current pandemic.

“In many aspects of health services, we are currently in a state of crisis,” Taylor said, adding that the hospital was forced to ask “Exhausted employees give up their rest days” To meet demand.

Chris Hopson, CEO of NHS Providers said, “In the past few days, some trust institutions across the country have announced serious internal incidents.” There are now reports that six NHS trust funds have announced “Critical Event” This means they may not be able to provide priority care.

United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust Fund is announcing “Seriously indecent,” claim “Extreme and unprecedented” Shortage of personnel may lead to “Compromise Care” For patients.

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to impose stricter Covid restrictions across England, a warning about the pressure on the NHS was issued, and he believes the current “Plan B” proposal will help “Contain the pandemic.”

However, Johnson acknowledged that NHS staff are under pressure because cases have forced medical professionals to self-isolate, resulting in understaffed hospitals.He called on British citizens to be vaccinated and comply with existing Covid safety measures, which he claimed would be “Absolutely stupid” I believe the epidemic has passed.

According to official data, England and Scotland recorded 157,758 new Covid cases every day on Monday. Due to weekend bank holidays, data for Wales and Northern Ireland have been delayed.

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