Official: 30 Nigerian students released after 7 months

A government official said the gunman released 30 Nigerian students who had been imprisoned for nearly seven months

Abuja, Nigeria – A government official said that the gunman had released 30 Nigerian students who had been imprisoned for nearly seven months. This is the latest release of dozens of Kebbi State students kidnapped in June.

A spokesperson for Governor Kebbi said they arrived in Kebbi State Capital with a teacher on Saturday, but did not provide more details on their release. Blackmailing for the release of hundreds of kidnapped students is common in West African countries.

On June 17, gunmen attacked the Birnin-Yauri school about 220 kilometers (136 miles) from the state capital, and students from the Kebbi Federal Government College were abducted.

So far, the authorities have not announced the arrest of any kidnappers. They killed a policeman before driving into the nearby forest with the students-similar to the abduction of more than 1,400 schoolchildren in Africa’s most populous country since 2017 . According to the UN Children’s Agency, 2021.

Local officials remained silent on the exact number of people missing from Kebbi School after the attack, but residents said there were more than 70 people.

Kebbi Governor’s spokesperson Yahaya Sarki said that the released students “will receive medical examinations and support while reuniting with their families”.

This is the third group of Kebbi students since they were kidnapped 7 months ago. The first group of 30 people took home in October. Local authorities and the released hostages told the Associated Press that students are usually released in batches rather than all at once, because each release will bring a new ransom.

The pastor of Bethel Baptist High School, Bethel Baptist High School, had kidnapped at least 120 students there. The gunman told the Associated Press: “Every number you’ve heard is exchanged for currency. It seems that they want to release all the numbers, but they will release some numbers.” Last year.

The kidnapping was carried out by armed groups that killed and kidnapped thousands of people in exchange for ransom in the northwest and central regions of Nigeria.

The first large-scale school kidnapping in Nigeria was carried out by the Boko Haram extremist organization in 2014. But this West African country has witnessed more than 10 other attacks on schools in the past year. The authorities blamed the sudden increase in attacks on the overnumber of security personnel. Most of the schools were located in remote communities.