Oath Keepers founder’s Jan. 6 charges revealed — Action News Now

This is the first such charge brought by the Justice Department over the unrest in the capital

Stuart Rhodes, founder and key member of the right-wing militia Oathkeepers, has been charged by the Justice Department with incitement conspiracy related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Veteran Rhodes, 56, did not enter the Capitol on Jan. 6 but helped spark the unrest, authorities said Thursday. They said he had direct contact with some of those who entered the Capitol, who allegedly threatened more violence. The right-wing leader is one of dozens of people the Justice Department has charged in connection with the sworn-in.

Rhodes and many others have been charged, but Rhodes’ sedition charge is the first of its kind against any of the more than 700 capitol protesters arrested. Rhodes’ lawyer confirmed he was taken into custody on Thursday.

Rhodes denied directing the unrest inside the Capitol.He told The New York Times over the summer that some members of his group went to “Out of Mission” But he gave no directions to enter the Capitol.

“Zero instructions from me or leadership,” he claimed.

The Jan. 6 House committee investigating the congressional unrest had previously subpoenaed Rhodes and charged him with threatening violence against those who took the oath “Make sure they like the election result,” Claims he told members to prepare ‘Total war on the streets. “

Ten other people were charged in the new indictment this week, with Edward Vallejo and Rhodes the only ones not previously arrested. Eleven people face sedition charges, according to the Justice Department.

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