Nuclear power plant accident causes casualties — RT World News

After a carbon dioxide leak at the Asco nuclear power plant in Catalonia, Spain, one worker died and three others were hospitalized. Local authorities suspect that the factory’s fire protection system charges too high.

At around 7pm local time on Wednesday night, seven fire brigades and four medical emergency vehicles were deployed to Asco. Emergency workers protected the facility and evacuated the casualties.

Factory’s fire protection system “A CO2 leak occurred, affecting four people,” The Catalan authorities said.

One of the affected workers has died, and the remaining three are currently in a nearby Móra d’Ebre hospital.

According to the factory and local authorities, the accident did not release radiation. In November 2007, the Asco factory was investigated for a radiation leak from the Unit 1 reactor, which resulted in the dismissal of its supervisor.

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