Novak Djokovic will stay in Australia until at least Monday as he fights visa revocation.

Novak Djokovic will have to wait at least Monday in Melbourne as his lawyers try to appeal the Australian government’s decision to revoke his visa. Reuters reported. He was a tennis star. Denial of admission Wednesday in Australia, a few days later Medical discount Requirements for the COVID-19 vaccination to play in the upcoming Australian Open.

According to Reuters, the 20-time Grand Slam champion is staying at a hotel for immigration prisoners in the city when his lawyers agreed to stay in the country for him before the full court hearing on Monday.

On Tuesday, Djokovic Announced That he was given a medical exemption to compete in the Open – a decision that provoked a strong reaction in Australia. Djokovic has not publicly disclosed whether he has been vaccinated, but he has spoken out. Opposition to compulsory vaccination in the past.

Tournament officials said in a statement that they were granted a medical exemption following a “rigorous review process” involving two separate independent panels of specialists, including doctors in immunology, infectious disease and general practice. It is not clear why Djokovic was granted the exemption.

But when Djokovic arrived in Australia on Wednesday, authorities learned that his team had applied for a visa, which does not allow for vaccine exemptions. Reuters reported.. After hours of waiting, the Australian Border Force said his visa had been revoked because he had “failed to provide adequate evidence to meet Australia’s entry requirements.”

The ruling angered Djokovic’s supporters on Thursday, including Serbian President Aleksandar Vuکi, who accused him of treating other players differently. The Associated Press reports.

“I’m afraid this overkill will continue,” Walk said. “You do things when you can’t kill anyone.”

While Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison admitted at a news conference that other players, like Djokovic, could be on medical leave in Australia, he denied that federal officials were separating them.

According to Reuters, he said, “rules are rules.” And there are no special cases … entry with a visa requires double vaccination or medical exemption. I am advised that such a waiver did not exist and as a result it is subject to the same principle as with any other. ”

In a protest with Djokovic’s family of about 300 spectators in Belgrade, Serbia, condemned his son’s treatment.

According to the AP, Djokovic’s mother, Dejana, said, “I have been feeling terrible for the last 24 hours since yesterday, that they are holding him captive. This is not fair at all, this is not a human being.”

Novak Djokovic was dropped off at Melbourne Airport after his Australian visa was revoked.
A supporter of Novak Djokovic shows anti-vaccination signs as he gathers outside the Park Hotel where Djokovic was deported on Thursday after his visa was revoked by the Australian Border Force.

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Public outcry against Djokovic’s immunity came as residents of the country cracked down on COVID crackdowns. In Melbourne, people have spent more than 260 days in lockdown since the onset of the epidemic. BBC

Djokovic has nine Australian Open titles and has won the last three. He is currently in a three-way tie with tennis great Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal For the most Grand Slam singles titles.