North Korea launches unknown missile — RT World News

According to military officials in Seoul and Japan, North Korea has launched a ballistic missile on its east coast, but apparently the exact ammunition used in this test is unclear.

“North Korea today launched a (short-range) projectile from an inland area into the East China Sea, which is presumed to be a ballistic missile. [January 5] Around 8:10 in the morning,” The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement on Wednesday, lead In the local media.

The official added that the military is maintaining “Preparation for additional launch” And will closely monitor the situation with allies in the United States.

According to Reuters, the Japanese Coast Guard also announced that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile early on Wednesday morning, but did not provide many details.

The reported weapon test took place a few days after South Korean President Moon Jae-in reiterated to improve relations with neighboring countries in the north, including discussing a peace declaration to officially end the Korean War, which never reached an official settlement. Treaty or armistice.However, Pyongyang recently announced that it will seek to strengthen its defenses “No delay,” Point to regional military tensions and international instability.

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