Newspaper promotes Covid-19 “detention camps” — Action News Now

A Scottish newspaper asked readers whether the country should follow Australia’s approach in detaining people who may be infected with the virus.

Scotland’s largest newspaper proposed the idea of ​​establishing detention camps to forcibly detain residents who have tested positive for Covid-19 or are “suspected” of being infected.

The Daily Record tabloid asked its Facebook fans about the policy on Tuesday, noting that “If Australians test positive or are suspected of being positive, they will be held in a Covid detention camp for 14 days.“Then export ask: “Should we follow in their footsteps?”

The newspaper did not specify how “Doubt” Detention may be ruled, whether it means imprisoning people who are found to have excessive snot-snoring, or citizens who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19.Last month, the same tabloid reported that 35% of British residents believe that people who have not been vaccinated should be forced to lock down “Wait for the epidemic to pass” Quoting from recent polls.It shows that the survey shows strong public support “Stricter measures” On unvaccinated Scots.

This idea has met with resistance on social media.Majid Nawaz Say The document is actually proposing “Crimes against Humanity” Others pointed out that until recently, the concept of Covid-19 internment camps was described as a crazy conspiracy theory in corporate media reports.

With the rapid spread of Omicron variants, Scotland has tightened restrictions on Covid-19, imposed lower capacity restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings, closed nightclubs and prevented holiday gatherings. As the Daily Record reported on Wednesday, 42 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized in the intensive care unit in Scotland.

Following the example of Australia will bring the mitigation plan to a prison-like level. Last month, when the three people fled the Covid-19 quarantine camp near Darwin, although all three tested negative for the virus the day before, the police conducted a raid to arrest the detainees. The police also set up checkpoints around the detention facility, which was once a mining camp.

Although the policy has come under fire, Australia appears to be prepared to continue to do so and is now building more Covid-19 camps. Last October, the Deputy Governor of Queensland, Steven Miles Tell Australia ABC News says there will be a “Continuing Need” Used in quarantine areas, partly to accommodate tourists who have not yet been vaccinated.He added “safer” Returning Australians who do not meet the strict standards of home quarantine will need facilities.