News Analysis: Brinken warns Russia against invading

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U.S. and Russia start high-risk negotiations Ukraine’s fate On Monday, diplomats said the prospects for reaching a resolution — or any agreement — were bleak.

Moscow and Washington are very different on whether Ukraine should be embraced by the West or surrendered. Vladimir PutinIt’s Russia.U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken had to work hard to build unity among U.S. allies and discuss how to protect Kiev from attack An increasingly aggressive Russia.

Brinken said before the meeting that in an atmosphere of escalation and threats, it was “difficult to make actual progress” with Russia and pointed a gun at Ukraine’s head.

Russia, which invaded parts of Ukraine nearly eight years ago, has assembled about 100,000 soldiers along the border in recent weeks and launched a verbal abuse accusing Ukraine and the NATO alliance of posing an imminent threat.

After a few Telephone conversation between President Biden and President PutinAs well as dozens of other low-level consultations, the two governments agreed to hold a strategic stability dialogue meeting in Geneva on Monday. This is a working group focused on arms control established by the United States and Russia last year, and then held meetings for the rest of the week. Including NATO and other larger multilateral organizations. The US delegation was led by Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

Biden, Brinken and NATO officials have issued dire warnings to Russia if Russia continues to invade Ukraine. Western officials say that most punishments will involve additional economic sanctions on Moscow, Putin and the Russian oligarchs. However, many of the sanctions in place have failed to change Putin’s behavior.

Except for continuing to provide weapons to the Ukrainian army and possibly redeploying additional NATO troops on the east flank of NATO territory, including Poland and other countries, most officials have ruled out military operations.

“Diplomatic solutions are still possible and desirable,” Brinken said. “If Russia chooses it.”

The symbolism of Ukraine to the United States and Russia goes beyond its role in real life. For Putin, this represented part of the lost power of the Soviet Union that he was eager to rebuild.In Washington, Ukraine began to represent the corruption of the Trump administration after the then President Trump Attempt to obtain political favors from President Vladimir Zelensky, Which led to Trump’s first impeachment.

However, the broader question is how Russia and other European alliances with the United States will coexist. Much of Europe-including countries that once belonged to the former Soviet bloc-is now part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization along with the United States and Canada.

NATO angered Putin with what he believed to be the expansion of Russian territory to the world.

American diplomats are also worried about bringing a united front to Russia. Germany and other major powers verbally condemned Moscow’s belligerence, but they rely more on Russia than the United States for energy and trade. They may be inclined to avoid taking harsh actions to punish Putin.

The United States stated that in the past seven years, it has pledged to provide Ukraine with $2.5 billion in “defensive” military equipment, and that it will increase this amount if Russia continues its aggressive stance.

“President Biden has told President Putin that if Russia invades Ukraine further, we will provide Ukrainians with more defensive materials than we have already provided,” a senior State Department official said in a briefing to reporters. In the case of anonymity.

William Taylor, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Become a star witness At Trump’s first impeachment hearing, several officials and experts advocated strengthening sanctions on Moscow now instead of waiting for the invasion.

“If you wait [Putin] Moving, you are responding, not deterring,” he said.

US government officials said they might be able to find some common ground with Russia on broader arms control, missile deployment, military exercises or similar issues. But the United States and Russia both have bottom-line requirements, and the other side thinks it is impossible.

Putin wants to ensure that NATO will not expand further. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated on Friday that countries wishing to join the League of 30 are welcome to submit applications.

For Washington, it is imperative for Russia to ease the situation.

Taylor said that the upcoming talks may be the beginning, “but as long as Russia deploys troops on the edge of Ukraine, nothing really serious will happen.”