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Former Governor Cuomo dodges legal bullets because Manhattan DA completed its investigation without filing criminal charges

Former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo apparently will not face state criminal charges for his handling of the Covid-19 death in a nursing home, because the investigation on the matter has ended but no prosecution has been filed.

Elkan Abramowitz, a lawyer representing Cummer, said he was informed on Monday that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office had concluded its investigation of the former governor. “I was told that after a thorough investigation, as we have always said, there is no evidence that any law was violated,” Abramovitz said.

The DA office has not yet issued a statement on the decision. Cuomo was accused of deliberately concealing the death toll because of criticism of his Covid-19 policy, which included forcing nursing homes to admit people infected with the virus. An investigation by the State Attorney General found that his government underestimated the number of deaths in nursing homes by as much as 50%, and another investigation by the New York Assembly concluded that he had misrepresented the data.

State legislators considered impeaching Cummer on this issue, but the governor resigned in August due to proliferation of allegations of sexual misconduct. Allegedly, his government obscured the scale of the aged care crisis by counting only residents who died in nursing homes, and not those who died after being transferred to hospitals.

Cuomo was portrayed by traditional media as an early hero of the pandemic. He used a book about “Leadership Course” From his handling of Covid-19. A state ethics committee last month ordered the former governor to surrender the profits he made from the book, claiming that he obtained approval for the project under false pretexts and improper use of state resources. His publisher paid him an upfront payment of $3.1 million and promised to pay him an additional $2 million.

Even while Cuomo received media acclaim, for most of his tenure, New York was one of the areas with the highest Covid-19 death rates. The state is also one of the states with the highest mortality rate in nursing homes, which is contrary to the statement made by the governor at the beginning of the pandemic.Analysis of Public Policy Researchers Free action It was found that in the first year of the pandemic, more than 12% of New York long-term care residents died of Covid-19—the fifth most serious in the United States—and the Cuomo government underestimated the death toll by 68%.

Cuomo also faces a criminal investigation for suspected sexual misconduct. At the end of last month, a jurisdiction in Westchester County did not file charges against him. District Attorney Mimi Rocah said the charges against the former governor were credible, but not It is worthwhile to initiate criminal proceedings.A few days ago, Nassau County reached a similar conclusion. Prosecutor Joyce Smith stated that the allegation that Cuomo accidentally touched a female state trooper was “Credible” and “Deeply disturbed” but “It is not a crime under New York law.”

Cuomo may still be prosecuted in Albany County, where former assistant Brittany Comiso accused him of groping her while working at the governor’s residence.