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Unless a judge blocks the bill, New York will become the first city in the United States to grant non-citizens the right to vote

The incoming mayor of New York, Eric Adams, allowed a bill to give non-referendums the right to vote automatically become law. That was after the city council passed it last month.

According to a bill made into law by the mayor’s inaction on Sunday, non-citizen New Yorkers who have lived in New York City for at least one month can vote legally in next year’s city elections. Although Adams expressed reservations about certain aspects of the bill, he did not choose to veto or challenge it in other ways, allowing the City Council to discuss what he called “Fruitful dialogue“With the rest of the city government.

Although more than a dozen communities in the United States allow non-referendums to vote, New York—more than 800,000 non-citizens who call the city (at least a temporary) home—is by far the most populous neighborhood that has passed such voting. measure. Eleven towns in Maryland and two towns in Vermont have taken the same measures, but their populations are only a small part of the country’s largest urban area.

According to reports, of New York’s 7 million adult residents, non-citizens with a legal document account for one in nine. If the new law is not challenged, non-citizens who have been legally permanent residents in New York for at least 30 days, as well as those who have obtained U.S. work permits and “dreamers”, will be allowed to vote in the city’s mayor election, municipality mayor, audit President, public advocate and member of the city council. They will not be allowed to vote in national or state elections.

The Election Commission is responsible for determining how the department operates and must create a fully functional voter registration system to prevent non-citizen voters from voting in national and state elections. Given the committee’s troubled history of sending appropriate votes to city residents and other simpler issues during the 2020 elections, some mistakes may have occurred, but implementation plans must be submitted by July for non-citizens to vote in the 2023 city elections.

Adams, who took office as the mayor as part of the city’s New Year celebrations, initially expressed concern about the 30-day residency requirement, but instead of challenging the bill, he allowed him to suspend for up to a month. Its passage expired without incident. .

Although it is said that it may face legal challenges, it is not yet clear whether it will gain enough support in this large Democratic city to overwhelm support for the measure.

Other states, including Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, and Florida, have preemptively passed measures to prevent similar laws from being passed in their cities.

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