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On the outskirts of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, truck drivers and other motorists were trapped in a four-mile-long traffic jam to protest the government’s Covid measures.

According to local media reports, as many as 200 militants blocked the gate of a major port in the city’s port on Thursday. For several hours, they prevented any vehicles from entering and leaving the freight hub, which in turn caused severe traffic congestion on the highway to the port. The police negotiated with the protesters, and the protesters finally compromised and left the scene later that night.

According to reports, the organization behind the protest is Dockers United, who firmly opposes the government’s Covid policy. The organization’s biggest concern is that the authorities may soon require employees to obtain vaccination or rehabilitation certificates to enter the workplace, which, as the organization believes, is tantamount to excluding people from “society.”Unconstitutional basis. “They are also generally dissatisfied with the restrictive measures taken by the Dutch government. “Don’t normalize abnormal things” is a translation of one of their slogans.

In fact, the Dutch government did announce earlier this month that it is working to introduce a “corona pass” for workplaces, but it is not clear when this measure will be introduced and how strict it will be.

At the same time, on Friday, EU countries recorded the highest number of new Covid cases in history in 24 hours, reaching 23,591. The medical staff said they were working at their best.

During the peak period, the Dutch Prime Minister imposed a partial lockdown last Saturday, requiring bars, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets to close at 8pm, while shops selling non-essential goods should be closed by 6pm. Public gatherings are completely banned.

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