MSNBC is barred from participating in Rittenhouse trial after charges

MSNBC was barred from court during the trial Kyle Rittenhouse Trial In Kenosha, Wisconsin, a freelancer on the news channel of NBCUniversal was cited for a traffic accident near a truck carrying jurors on Wednesday.

Bruce SchroederOn Thursday, the presiding judge of the case revealed the injunction on the court bench, and Rittenhouse was tried for murdering two people during the civil unrest in Kenosha in 2020.

Schroeder said that a car driven by James Morrison was stopped by the police for allegedly violating traffic control signals. He claimed to be an employee of MSNBC. He has been driving a block behind the van that transported the jurors out of the court.

Schroeder said that Morrison, under the supervision of a manager of NBC News in New York, allegedly asked him to follow the jurors.

A person familiar with Morrison’s employment status who is not authorized to comment publicly stated that Morrison works at MSNBC and is a freelancer.

Schroeder called this a “very serious matter” and said it would “submit it to higher authorities for further action.”

In a tweet On Thursday morning, the Kenosha Police Department stated that “a person allegedly connected to a national media last night” was suspected of trying to take photos of jurors, adding that the matter was under investigation. The police said that the jury did not violate safety regulations and did not obtain any photos.

In a statement, the NBC News representative confirmed that Morrison worked for the department, but stated that he never intended to contact jurors or take photos during the deliberations.

The network said: “We regret this incident and will fully cooperate with the authorities in any investigation.”

The ban will not affect MSNBC’s breakthrough coverage of the trial, because NBC News can still access videos of ongoing court proceedings.

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