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Letter: Sydney Wharf needs more input.

Sydney Pier is a landmark, known for its location and blue fish market. It is lush, popular, and promotes the atmosphere and fun of our seaside community.

Those of us who live here feel an emotional attachment to the pier area and the beach sculpture walk.

Sydney is a special place and residents must say when big changes are proposed in our city. This has already changed a lot with all the condos and town house development.

Many potential options have emerged from the people who live here, and many of them are engineers. For example, making a solid “mole” with rocks starts again and replaces the fish market and restaurant. Replace the pier with cement wires, not wood covered with creosote. They can both live forever. Many other coastal cities have expanded their beaches and piers with interesting and fascinating views. The council should investigate some of them.

Elected officials have decided to give us two options without public input. Using a 60-year-old pontoon to build a two-story hotel and restaurant. Lack of structural integrity is in question. The second is to tear it down and not change it. Let’s not go further for profit. Let’s put it in public hands and repair and paint it now. This is likely to continue until 2028.

More input from the public and professional analysts and engineers should be part of the final decision.

Linda Cumber


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