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The Instagram Personality Says She Never Allowed Companies to Make Life-Size Sex Toys Based on Her Likeness

An Israeli Instagram model is seeking legal action after a Chinese company produced a sex doll similar to her. This life-size toy has her beauty marks under the lips and even her name.

Yael Cohen Aris, 25, told ITV News in the UK on Monday that she was disappointed to find out that a Chinese company called Irontech Dolls was promoting a head-turning sex doll.

Cohen Aris said she was first alerted in 2019 by a fan who took her to a forum discussing how sex dolls could be made in her image. However, last year she was shocked to discover that a Chinese company had started making dolls.

Cohen Aris told ITV there was no doubt she had inadvertently been the inspiration for the doll and would seek legal results.

The sex toy features her hair, facial structure, glasses, and beauty markers, and it’s even named “Hyeres. In addition, the product is advertised using real images of Instagram models.

“It’s not just about a beautiful logo and my name,” She told ITV’s This Morning, adding that “Because sex dolls are still just dolls, there’s a limit to how human-like they can be, but once it’s associated with my identity, image and video, social media, there’s nothing wrong here.”

Cohen Aris said she had no problem with the sex doll industry, but claimed she was outraged by the use of her identity without consent. “It’s doubly wrong because it’s about who I am – it’s not just a doll that looks like me or is inspired by me; they never hide that it was developed from me,” she says.

A spokesman for Irontech Dolls told the Daily Mail that the similarities between sex toys and Israeli models are only “coincide,” But added that they would drop the name”Hyeres. “

“We will notify all partners to stop using this name and to stop using any photos of her,” An Irontech Dolls spokesman added.

As of Tuesday, sex toys were still listed as”Hyeres. ”

The toy comes with an internal skeleton and a switchable detachable head. According to The Times of Israel, a complete Irontech doll with a “Yael” head currently sells on the website for more than $1,400.

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