Ministry of Defence accused of “failed British army and taxpayer” — RT World News

The Labour Party issued a report citing 67 “waste” cases from the ministry, including contract cancellations and budget overruns

In a new report, the Labor Party accused the government of “wasting” 13 billion pounds (US$17.61 billion) of taxpayers’ money on military projects since 2010. A number of previous efforts were either cancelled or suffered due to costly delays. Blow.

Since 2010, the British official opposition has conducted a careful review of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) government expenditures, and subsequently issued a rigorous assessment of the department’s expenditures.

When examining all defense spending since the Conservative Party took office in 2010, the Labor Party claimed to have identified 67 cases “waste,” If there were more effective management, costs could have been avoided or reduced.

In resolving the financial problems of the Ministry of Defence, the Labour Party claimed that this showed that the British government was “The failed British army and British taxpayers,” have “waste” 13 billion pounds of funds during the tenure of the government.

Examples given by the Labour Party include £4.8 billion (US$6.5 billion) for cancellation of contracts and £5.6 billion (US$7.58 billion) for ongoing projects that have been overspent or overspent.

The Labour Party is not the first group to express concerns about the profligate spending of the Ministry of Defense. Both the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom and the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons have raised concerns before. In November 2021, the Public Accounts Committee claimed that the procurement department of the Ministry of Defense was “Wasting billions of taxpayers’ money,” Bashing the department “Failed repeatedly.”

The British Ministry of Defence’s annual budget is thought to exceed £40 billion (US$54.17 billion), of which approximately half is spent on equipment. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for managing about one-fifth of the major projects of the British government. However, none of the current 36 major projects has been reported by the government as being completed on time or within the original budget.

The Ministry of Defense defended its allegations, claiming that it must take “Tough decisions” To ensure that the UK is properly protected from potential threats that may arise.

“The current government attaches great importance to investing in defense modernization to ensure that the British armed forces have the relevant capabilities to deal with today’s threats,” The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that it believes it has “Wholly-owned Equipment Plan” arrive “Maximize investment income.”

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