Minister was trapped in the BBC elevator and missed the interview time — Action News Now

The senior British secretary missed the BBC interview because he was trapped in the elevator of the company’s central London headquarters. Later appeared on Channel 4, he joked that this may be the content of a comedy show.

On Monday morning, Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove tried to go to the BBC Broadcasting Company for an interview and found himself trapped in the elevator for about 30 minutes.

A BBC producer posted a photo of Gove trapped in a transparent elevator on Twitter.

At around 8 am, Nick Robinson, the host of BBC Radio 4’s today’s show, said that the minister had been trapped in the elevator for a while, but “Keep cheerful.”

Robinson added that Gove had offered to conduct an interview on the elevator over the phone.

“I wish I could say that this is a joke, it is not a joke, it is not very funny to Mr. Gove and the security guards,” Robinson added.

Gove eventually appeared on the show about 15 minutes late and joked that he had “Upgraded,” Mention his role as minister. One of his official government titles is “Secretary of State for Upgrades, Housing and Community”.

In a relaxed and pleasant back and forth, the minister and the host joked that the accident might provide “ammunition” For W1A’s screenwriter-a popular BBC comedy starring Hugh Bonneville, it mocks the company and its alleged shortcomings.

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