Metropolis with a population of 14 million is restricted to homes — Action News Now

Violators in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, may be fined, imprisoned, or both

Authorities in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, prohibit unvaccinated people from leaving their homes, except to buy necessities, go to work and exercise. Violators will be punished with huge fines, imprisonment, or both.

The decision was announced on January 3, affecting approximately 14 million people living in Metro Manila. According to the new regulations, people who have not received two doses of the Covid vaccine will stay at home with only a few exemptions: buying necessities and seeking medical treatment, going to work, and taking outdoor exercises near where they live. Those who work in the office must take a Covid test at their own expense every two weeks. According to reports, in some cases, the cost of this type of test is $100 or more.

Places that are not currently vaccinated include cafes, restaurants and shopping malls, as well as all public transportation. Those found violating the rules may be fined up to $1,000 or jailed for up to 6 months. In addition, according to media reports, offenders may face fines and imprisonment.

These restrictions will continue until at least January 15, but if the number of infections continues to rise, the period may be extended.

The Metro Manila authorities explained that stricter measures are needed,”Although vaccines are available, many people still choose not to get vaccinated.“The final result of unvaccinated”Excessively burden the healthcare system, thereby damaging public health.

Some Filipinos have vented their dissatisfaction with the authorities’ decision on social media. For example, one user referred to the new regulations as “Pure discrimination.

Nearly 70% of metropolitan residents have been vaccinated against Covid, but there was a surge in cases in the area last month, from December 12th to 24th to December 30th with 2,600 cases.

People who have not been vaccinated have also become targets in other parts of the world. For example, in Austria, those who have not been vaccinated against Covid were blocked in mid-November, and from February 1st, everyone must be vaccinated. Violators may face huge fines. According to reports, the German government is also considering following suit.