Merkel hopes to take tougher Covid measures-report-RT World News

Germany’s current containment measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are not enough. According to reports, the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel told the leader of her conservative CDU party and added that new infections are every “Double” in 12 days.

“We are in a very dramatic situation. What is not enough now,” According to AFP, Merkel said, according to two participants. The number of new cases in Germany has been increasing, including the elderly, who were the first to be vaccinated in early 2021.

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Austrian Chancellor apologizes for “severe” blockade of vaccination

Before Merkel’s comments, Health Minister Jens Spahn warned that by the end of the coming winter, “Almost everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dying.”

A meeting of the federal and state governments last week formulated new regulations. According to some media reports, these regulations have brought Germany closer to imposing a complete lockdown on unvaccinated people.

According to regulations, all states that exceed a certain hospitalization rate should only allow vaccinated or recently recovered people to enter current public places.

According to data from the Robert Koch Institute, the national health inspection agency, Germany reported 30,643 new Covid-19 cases on Monday and 62 deaths on Monday. The incidence of new cases in 7 days in the past two weeks has also reached a record high.

Germany is not the only country struggling to deal with the rising wave of Covid-19. In neighbouring Austria, a 10-day complete lockdown began on Monday, forcing Prime Minister Alexander Schellenberg to apologize to vaccinated people. “A violent step.”

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