Merkel expresses “complete unity” with Poland on Belarus

The outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany expressed her “full support” to Warsaw on the tense border situation between Poland and Belarus.

BERLIN – Germany’s outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her “full solidarity” with Warsaw on the tense border situation between Poland and Belarus on Thursday.

Merkel reiterated her allegations that Belarus is conducting a “mixed attack” by luring migrants to the country and then sending them to the Polish border in order to destabilize Poland and the entire European Union.

“Therefore, on the one hand, I fully support Poland, and on the other hand, I certainly want to make it very clear that this is a problem between the EU and Belarus, which is why everything that happens bilaterally needs to be coordinated,” she said. Tell reporters after meeting with Polish Prime Minister Matusz Morawiecki in Berlin.

Her comments were seen as a response to Poland’s criticism that she failed to coordinate with Warsaw prior to recent contact with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. After Merkel’s call, Belarus began to repatriate some migrants to Iraq.

Merkel said that “if no progress is made,” the EU will impose additional sanctions on Belarus.

She also emphasized the role that Belarus’ close ally Russia can play in putting pressure on Minsk. Moravitsky agreed with this, saying that “(to Putin) sincerely request to influence the situation in Belarus.”

Moravitsky said that trade sanctions will become a powerful tool against Belarus.

When talking about the four-party talks in Russia, Merkel said: “I am very sorry that neither the Russian President nor the Russian Foreign Minister is prepared to hold another high-level meeting in Normandy mode before the end of my term.” Ukraine, Germany and France.

Over the years, in order to resolve the tense relations between Ukraine and its neighbor Russia, such talks have been staged repeatedly, but with little success.

Merkel said: “This was a good signal that all parties are interested in solving the Ukrainian problem.” “Unfortunately, this did not happen.”


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