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New research on desire and gender shows that the old metaphor of “love at first sight” only applies to men

Researchers found that men tend to overestimate the attractiveness of women because of a glance, and women who glance at a man are more likely to underestimate his handsomeness.

This Find, Published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior last month, shows that the cliché of “love at first sight” is just one way. The research seems to confirm the concept of “first impression bias” between men and women.

In the study conducted in Australia, the researchers asked about 400 volunteers to evaluate the attractiveness of strangers of the opposite sex based on a vague photo, which did not have clear facial features, and then evaluated from the clear image.

The researchers also randomized the order of presentation, switching between showing the participants a blurry image or a clear image first.In this way, they are clearly able to “Isolate the unique effects of uncertainty” – Only when the volunteer sees the blurred image first can it be recognized.

“When people have incomplete information about potential partners, they must make inferences about their desirability, leading to possible misjudgments,” The researchers pointed out.

The study looks at how people “Balance the risks” These misjudgment errors, and how men and women deal with this uncertainty difference.

Potential risks are described as either participating “Unfortunate mating behavior” When desirability is overestimated, or “Missed a precious opportunity” When the perception of attractiveness is insufficient.

The results show that, on average, men bring doubtful benefits to women when judging attractiveness, while the opposite is true when roles are switched.

Further analysis suggestions “Further Prejudices” Because men seem to overestimate the attractiveness of unattractive (but not unattractive) women, while women show prejudice against attractive (but not unattractive) men.

Although noticed that this is a “Important Finding” The team says these are “Extensive quantity effect” Need further research to understand why “First impression bias” Existed from the beginning. They also emphasized the importance of algorithm-based research on cognitive biases.

The study pointed out that early research on perceptual bias, including the examination of men’s overestimation of women’s sexual interest in them, emphasized “Between the sexes” difference.

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