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UK PM reportedly decides who ‘should’ let him survive lockdown party scandal in a plan called Operation Save the Big Dog

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is working on a plan to help him survive as head of government following an investigation into his office’s alleged breach of Covid-19 rules by a party, The Independent reported.

The prime minister was reportedly personally involved in the development of the plan, describing it as “Save the Big Dog” The newspaper reported on Friday.The scheme allegedly involved a major “Roots and Branches” The government reshuffle, which other British media has flagged, but also includes a list of other officials who should resign as a result of what has since been dubbed “Party Gate”.

The list is said to include Johnson’s chief of staff Dan Rosenfeld and his private secretary Martin Reynolds, among others. Downing Street also allegedly believes at least one senior political appointee and one senior official must keep Johnson himself in power, according to two Whitehall sources cited by The Independent.

Such personnel decisions would be “The minimum that translates repentance into action,” A former Conservative cabinet minister told the paper. However, getting head-rolling is not the only way for Johnson to lessen the fallout of an internal investigation launched by senior civil servant Su Grey in the wake of the scandal.

The Save the Big Dogs programme will also see backing ministers praise Johnson in public interviews for his achievements and “Tough choice” Made during the Covid-19 pandemic. The plan also includes finding out how much support Johnson’s potential rivals within the Conservative Party can command among backbenchers.

The list of leading rivals includes Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and even former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, according to the Independent, but added that Hunt was unlikely Get enough support to win the election.

Downing Street has not commented on the existence of the scheme, although the newspaper reported that cabinet officials referred to the scheme under the codename “Operation Save the Big Dog”. “We definitely don’t know that phrase,” A spokesman told The Independent.

The news came amid media reports of a scandal sparked by multiple parties in Johnson’s office in April 2021. The parties, which violated the country’s Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, also took place the night before the funeral of the Queen’s husband Prince Philip.

Downing Street has apologised to Buckingham Palace, but it is unclear whether it has admitted that the rally has broken Covid-19 rules. Internal investigations were conducted on some of the alleged parties. Police said they would wait for the results of an internal investigation before deciding whether a case should also be opened.

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