Marathon McCarthy’s speech highlights the performance of Republican leaders to the speaker

It is no secret that Kevin McCarthy wants to become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Republican leader made this clear in the most direct way on Thursday night and Friday morning: speaking longer than any member of the House of Representatives.

McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) commanded the field for 8 hours and 32 minutes, Breaking the record of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in February 2018 8 hours and 7 minutes, and at the same time blocked the passage of the $1.7 trillion social expenditure bill that the Democratic Party of Congress intends to pass without any bipartisan support.

In his marathon speech, McCarthy talked about a wide range of topics, including the provisions and possible amendments in the large-scale social spending bill, the previous president, his family politics, COVID-19, Elon Musk and Tesla, Slavery, Afghanistan, immigration, drug trafficking, etc., often stop to draw attention to questioning Democrats or needle Pelosi (D-San Francisco).

“Last night, Speaker Pelosi tried to vote on the most expensive bill in our country’s history,” McCarthy said in a statement to The Times on Friday. “This is wrong. Our country needs to hear real debates. I try my best and try my best to explain to the American people how this bill will hurt our country in almost every imaginable way. Although we succeeded The vote was postponed by one day-but we will continue to fight for our families, our communities, and our country to prevent the bill from becoming law.”

As McCarthy was still speaking, House Democrats cancelled plans to vote on the measure on Thursday night. The bill was passed by 220 votes to 213 on Friday morning.. Republicans unanimously opposed the bill. With the exception of one Democrat, Congressman Jared Gordon (Jared Golden) of Maine supported the bill. It is now heading to the Senate, where it is expected to be amended as a policy to meet the concerns of the centrist Sens. Joe Manchin III in West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona.

On Friday morning, the reporter saw several Republicans shaking hands with McCarthy on the floor, and one of the most important Republicans also said he had noticed.

Former President Trump said in a statement: “Kevin McCarthy did a great job last night. In order to correctly oppose communism, he delivered more than 8 hours of speech in the House of Representatives, setting a record.” “We must never forget. What the Democratic Party is doing on the most evil level. If [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell fought, and you will now have a different Republican president. “

The “Magic Minute” House rule allows party leaders to speak during the debate without restrictions. House Republicans said they didn’t know McCarthy’s speech was almost as long as him, but they were awed by how he highlighted the flaws they saw in the bill and showed the differences between the two parties.

“What he proved is that he not only has the ability to do this job, but he has the courage to really go ahead and lead,” Rep. Mike Garcia (R-Santa Clarita) said in an interview. “I think what the leader did last night is necessary, and I am very happy to be there. I was there from start to finish.”

“I want to thank my colleagues for standing with me and with their voters, because we do our best to stop this bill,” McCarthy said at the end of his speech. “I hope the American public will learn more. I hope my colleagues will do the same.”

McCarthy endured the required standing and talking time, as well as the Democratic trolling and questioning on Twitter.

“If this bill becomes law, what do you think will happen to inflation? It will only be more than the first 2 trillion dollars wasted by this body,” McCarthy said. “From bank surveillance to bailouts, this bill solves the problems that President Biden and Democrats have created and makes them worse. As we all know, this bill is too extreme, too expensive, and too liberal for the United States. .”

The Spokesperson’s Office described McCarthy’s speech as a “tantrum” and a tortuous rant that had nothing to do with the “Rebuild Better Act”.

“I didn’t even pay attention to the speech,” Pelosi told reporters after the legislation was passed. “I don’t even listen to most of the speeches on the other side because they have no meaning or facts, so I won’t let my computer be disturbed by these.”

When asked if she cared that McCarthy broke her record for the longest speaking time, she said she “hardly noticed.”

Pelosi in a record-setting speech in 2018 Read the testimony from the “dreamer”“—A person who was taken illegally to the United States as a child — failed to secure a vote on legislation protecting the group from deportation.

At the White House, press secretary Jen Psaki mocked McCarthy’s speech.

“Kevin McCarthy said a lot — a lot,” she said, noting that he thought of the metaphors of swimming competitions in Tiananmen Square and between the United States and other countries after World War II.

“What he didn’t talk about was cutting childcare costs, elderly care costs, and the measures we will take across the country to allow more women to enter the labor market and protect our climate,” Psaki said. “In our opinion, this tells us everything you need to know about Kevin McCarthy’s agenda and its support.”

McCarthy’s unexpected marathon speech begins a day later House Democrats condemned Congressman Paul Gossall (R-Ariz.), He released and deleted an edited animated video describing himself killing Congressman Alexander Ocasio Cortes (DN.Y.). The Democrats also stripped Gosall of committee tasks on Wednesday, as they did in February with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican) over racist remarks and support for violence against the Democrats.

McCarthy called Gosall privately, and then the Arizona Republican took down the video and issued a public statement explaining his intention to share the video. In addition, he directly addressed his colleagues at a meeting on Tuesday morning. . Soon after his condemned vote, Gossar retweeted the offensive tweet.

McCarthy believes that Democrats are hypocrites because they set a new precedent that he called, allowing the majority party to remove members of another party from committee appointments.He criticized the party leader for not taking any action against the accused Democrats Post anti-Semitic comments Or what he said encouraging violence.

McCarthy sometimes tried to unite the two wings of his core team. Conservative hardliners want to punish a group of Republicans who supported the bipartisan infrastructure bill earlier this month, while moderates want McCarthy to control his more controversial members, such as Gosall, Green and Rep. Matt Gates (R-Fla.), even though they praised McCarthy for “bringing it to the floor” Thursday night, describing his speech as “a very long rattle of death” on Friday.

“Due to poor leadership and poor strategy, the result has been determined,” Gates said.

McCarthy said that if the Republican Party in the House of Representatives wins the majority of seats, Gossall and Green will get new committee tasks, while Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota Democrats) and Maxine Waters (Los Angeles Democrats) And Erics Walwell (Dublin Democrat)) must survive a full-seat vote of the Republican majority to keep their place in the congressional group, which echoes Green’s previous comments that he will Tell her privately.

Rep. Doug Lamarfa (R-Richvale) has known McCarthy for nearly 20 years. When they served in the legislature, they shared a house with him near Sacramento. He said McCarthy was in the “primary position”. Win a majority of seats in November next year.

“I think his column already has four-fifths of the conference content, and he only needs to work with a few people to support everything needed to go beyond the top,” Lamarfa said. “I think he is currently in the best position to continue leading the meeting, both as a leader and as a possible spokesperson.”

Bob Shroom, director of the Center for the Political Future of the University of Southern California and former speechwriter of the late Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), said that McCarthy’s speech “will be famous for being famous, not because of anything else. matter.”

Shrum also refuted the idea that the drama of the “Magic Minute” speech could calm the clamor in the party.

Shroom said that every Republican leader in modern history “has encountered very fierce opposition from within their own core group,” taking the previous two Republican spokesmen as an example. “This happened to John Bonner, he just gave up. This happened to Paul Ryan, he just gave up and walked away. This is likely to happen to Kevin McCarthy.”

Indeed, Thursday night Green’s Twitter Although McCarthy himself predicted that Republicans might get more than 60 seats next fall, this indicates that McCarthy may have a turbulent path in the future when he wins the speaker’s gavel.

“Hope @GOPLader ends his strong speech against the Democratic and Communist takeover of the United States, he will take action to make the unfortunate 13 people responsible for the terrible BBB vote tonight,” Green said on Twitter, referring to 13 House Republicans voted for President Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law on Monday. “Kick the traitor out of @HouseGOP and lead. #ActionsSpeakLouder.”

Chris Megerian, a special writer of Times, contributed to this report.

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