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Shocked witnesses said that the horrific act of self-immolation was accompanied by calls against coronavirus restrictions in Victoria, Australia

According to reports, a man in Australia was injured and life-threatening after setting himself on fire in public. According to reports, this was to protest the country’s coronavirus restrictions, including Victoria’s new vaccine regulations.

According to local media reports, the terrible self-immolation incident occurred on Saturday-New Year’s Day-Melbourne suburb of Richmond ReportWitnesses claimed that an unidentified man soaked himself in gasoline and set himself on fire, while condemning the ongoing pandemic measures.

“His skin is burning. He is on fire.” An eyewitness who asked not to be named told the Melbourne Herald Sun. “His skin is glued to my shirt. He just left him [intoxicated] Yelling at the task. “

According to reports, the consequences of this terrible act were made into a movie, and an eyewitness said that the man “Fucked his car up.” Because the wailing of frightened bystanders can be heard in the background. A certain distance along the road can also see obvious flames.

Another witness who ate at a nearby restaurant at the time of the incident said that she could hear the man’s voice “Screaming’No vax ID!'” Saw him “Throw the book” Added that he then “Pour the gas for himself and his car. This is intentional.”

Although many people tried to restrain the man and put out the flames, the state police confirmed that he was taken to the hospital with severe burns, and a spokesperson for the agency said his condition was critical but stable.

In addition to a series of intermittent lockdowns, Victoria has implemented a number of comprehensive enforcement measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, including vaccine demand that affects a large workforce, and prohibiting unvaccinated people from entering bars, restaurants and other public places “Passport” program.

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