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A 71-year-old New Yorker accused of threatening to kidnap and kill Donald Trump in the 2020 election

A New York City resident has been arrested for saying he conspired to kidnap and murder U.S. President Donald Trump if he refused to hand over power after losing the 2020 election.

Thomas Wernich was arrested Monday after allegedly telling the Secret Service several times that he planned to kill Trump and 12 other unidentified pro-Trump members of Congress who he believes support the Republican president’s alleged Claims of electoral fraud.

While Trump was not named by name in the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, a footnote noted “Individual 1” as “A person who will be president from January 2017 to January 2021.”

Welnicki revealed his plans to the Secret Service over several months via phone calls and voice messages.Messages starting well before the November 2020 presidential election include: “Voluntary Interview” Reported to U.S. Capitol Police in July, in which Welnicki reportedly said “if [Individual-1] Lose the 2020 election and refuse to step down, ‘he will ‘get arms’ and ‘get him out’.

“I really hope God takes [Individual-1] go out,” Vernicki said.

It is said that he also ‘Blows how easy it is for him to get guns’ In New York City, he said that although he did not “Want to hurt anyone,” He can “Revolt against Fascism,” According to court documents.

In a subsequent call to the Secret Service Director’s Island office in January, Vernicki repeated his threat, saying he would do it “anything” he can “take out [Trump] and his 12 monkeys. “ He even suggested he might strike at a specific Trump rally, saying: “If I get a chance to do this in Manhattan, that would be awesome…tomorrow [Trump] Will be in Georgia, maybe I will. “

Many Trump critics have warned in 2020 that he will try to stay in power after the election. Trump eventually pulled out and moved to Florida to live at his Mar-a-Lago estate after a court declined to hear his challenge to the vote totals in several states. After the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol, Congress approved Democrat Joe Biden as the winner.

Welnicki was eventually released on $50,000 bail, and his lawyers insisted he would not pose a threat to Trump at any point. “Most of his calls seem to be from him [the] The Secret Service discussed his concerns with them,” lawyer claims.

Welnicki’s name, age and arrest records “Thomas Wernick” He lived in Florida in the 1990s and went through a series of drug arrests, culminating in an eight-year sentence for heroin charges, according to public arrest records cited by the media. The same person was also questioned about the disappearance of a 7-year-old girl in the area in 1982, according to to the Tampa Bay Times.

At the time, Welnicki claimed he was a physicist while detailing the two men who allegedly kidnapped and murdered the girl. He was not charged over the girl’s disappearance and the case was never resolved.