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Indian police arrested a 25-year-old suspect

Indian police arrested a man who allegedly created an app that published tampered photos of more than 80 Muslim women who were “auctioned” online last year. The app called “Sulli Deals” caused anger.

Over the weekend, Delhi police arrested 25-year-old Aumkareshwar Thakur from his home in Indore, a major city in the central west of Madhya Pradesh. Arrested six months after the police registered a complaint against the then unknown creator of Sulli Deals.

Thakur was arrested a few days after an imitation app called “Bulli Bai” uploaded photos of more than 100 Muslim women earlier this month. After widespread public protests, four people including Neeraj Bishnoi were arrested in the past week-the 21-year-old of the app is said to be the creator of the app.

In July 2021, after the launch of Sulli Deals, it gained national popularity as a “Same Day Sale” The pictures come from the personal data of prominent Muslim women without consent, including activists, artists and journalists who criticized the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Both applications are hosted on GitHub, a web platform owned by Microsoft, and have now been removed. Although neither incident involved actual sales, some media reported that the intention was to demean and humiliate Muslim women. According to reports, the terms “Sulli” and “Bulli” are slang terms used to demean Muslim women.

Amid the anger at the Bulli Bai app, one of the women who complained to the police about Sulli Deals in July criticized the Delhi police for alleged inaction in the case. But the cybercrime department of the force told the media on Sunday that the Bishnoi interrogation took them to Thakur.

KPS Malhotra, Deputy Chief of the Delhi Police Department (Internet Team), told the Indian Express that Thakur “Admitted his crime” In the trial and admitted to join “The trading group on Twitter… [with the idea] Defamation and control of Muslim women. “

An anonymous police source told the newspaper that these “traditional” or “traditional” groups are “Conservative” and “member [who] There seems to be an oppressive view- [ranging] From the caste system to the empowerment of women. “

Although Malhotra said the police are “Analyze his gadget to recover code/images related to the application,” Thakur’s brother told the newspaper he owned “No motivation to indulge in this kind of activity” And claim that he is “Falsely accused by someone who has already been arrested.”

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