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Democrats believe unpopularity of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is creating a ‘power vacuum’

Hillary Clinton’s potential to run for the presidency again has entered the public discussion after two prominent Democrats felt the former secretary of state was “in a good position” in the race.

Speaking in The Wall Street Journal this week, political adviser Douglas Schoen and former Manhattan borough president Andrew Stein said Clinton offered an alternative to the current unpopular administration.

The authors note that Clinton, 74, is younger than Biden, whose age has been a topic of debate because he is the oldest sitting president at 79, and she is a “Experienced national figure.”

While Clinton herself was a divisive politician, Schön and Stein thought things were far worse for Biden and Harris. Both see their approval ratings dwindling in opinion polls in their first year in office as the government grapples with multiple national crises including the Covid-19 pandemic and record inflation.

They argue that without a major candidate, Democrats could lose both the House and Senate to Republicans in the 2022 midterms “Route Correction”, Paving the way for Clinton to sell herself “Change” Candidates and alternatives to current failed policies and controversial progressive themes.

“Mrs. Between now and the midterm elections, Clinton can spend time doing what the Clinton administration did after the Democratic Party’s rout in the 1994 midterm elections: developing a moderate agenda for domestic and foreign policy,” The two argue, adding that Clinton may be the only one “Reliable Choice” Biden and Harris in 2024.

Motivation for Schoen and Stein “credible” Clinton’s questioning of Democrats, CNN’s Chris Silliza noted Wednesday, that neither ‘Sterling credentials as a Democrat’ Thanks to Shoen’s work for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Stein’s 2016 endorsement of Donald Trump.

Clinton had previously predicted Trump would run again in 2024, telling TODAY in December that the former president “Seems to be doing that for myself.”

In an interview with MSNBC last month, Clinton appeared to distance herself from the Democrats who currently lead the party.

“At the end of the day, if we don’t have a Congress that can get the job done, and a White House that we can count on to be sane, sober, stable and productive, it’s meaningless,” he said. She said she thinks Democrats need to give “Think carefully about winning the election, not just in the Deep Blue.”

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