Mafia boss arrested after 20 years of blunder on Google Maps-Action News Now

Italian police said the app captured photos of leaders of criminal groups who have been in hiding since 2002

Italy’s anti-mafia authorities attributed Google Street View images to revealing the location of members of the Stidda Mafia in Sicily, who were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 2002 and escaped from a Roman prison in 2002.

Gioacchino Gammino was convicted of murder and other mafia-related crimes in 1998, and has been on the list of most wanted criminals in Italy. Three years later, he escaped from prison while shooting the movie. He was detained in the town of Galapagar near the Spanish capital Madrid, where he has lived there as a chef, and runs a greengrocer, under the name Manuel.

The Sicilian police have been looking for the 61-year-old man for many years. In 2014, Europe issued an arrest warrant. However, in the end it was Google Street View that allowed the authorities to discover his exact location.

The navigation tool of the technology company captured images of two men chatting outside El Huerto de Manu (Manu’s Garden, a store owned by Manuel), and officials noticed that one of them looked very similar to Gammino. The mafia leader was further identified by the scar on the left side of his chin, which was evident in a photo on the Facebook page of a local restaurant.

Although Gamino was detained on December 17th, he was not made public until the Italian Republic daily reported his arrest on Wednesday.

“There have been many previous long-term investigations that brought us to Spain. We are on a good path, and Google Maps helped confirm our investigation,” Palermo prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi told the Italian media.

According to local reports, after being arrested, the culprit-apparently believed that he had successfully severed all contact with the past-asked the authorities, “How did you find me? I haven’t called my family for 10 years!”

Gamino is currently detained in Spain, and the Italian police hope to extradite him until the end of February to accept his sentence.

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