Macron talks about security at his opponent’s stronghold in France

French President Emmanuel Macron goes to the Mediterranean coast of France to talk about domestic security

Nice, France-On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron (Emmanuel Macron) traveled to the Mediterranean coast of France to discuss internal security issues. He pitted in the city. In 2016, an extremist drove a truck into the Bastille Day The crowd, resulting in 86 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

He is meeting with law enforcement officials, judicial departments, and city government officials to review the progress of the security-related projects that he formulated when he was elected in 2017.

Monday’s meeting was held in the former Saint Roch Hospital in a 19th-century building in the heart of Old Nice. Macron will lay the cornerstones of the state-sponsored police complex, where more than 2,000 state and municipal officials will use the most advanced technology, including what Macron’s consultants call the “Urban Super Vision Center,” which will mainly rely on On video surveillance.

Work is expected to start next year and be operational in 2025.

In September, Macron announced measures to improve police transparency, including the release of internal investigation reports and the establishment of parliamentary oversight agencies, in an effort to increase public confidence that has been eroded by scandals in recent years.

He also called for more training and education of the country’s police forces and to deal with victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and assaults, and detailed the enforcement of a controversial law following a series of Islamic extremist attacks. Fight against radicalization.