Machiavelli: Memories of Peter Lugid, and a different time.

Randy Hill’s voice was as familiar and certain as we spoke on the phone.

A good friend, what … four decades? … He was a legendary photographer for it. Calgary Sun., Which covered every major story of the city.

I am asking him to mention his media relations with one of Alberta’s greatest political leaders, none other than Peter Lugid.

After the tumultuous and somewhat shocking remarks of Jason Kenney’s UCP party administration, I feel the need to look back at the time when Alberta was being guided by a man whose character was excellent. ۔

“My relationship with Peter Lugid was just amazing because I knew him before I got into politics,” Hill said.

Harvard Grade, who played two seasons for Eskimos, will later fight his political opponents Pierre Trudeau and the National Energy Program, which helped strengthen Alberta’s infrastructure by building roads, schools and hospitals, and the Kansas country. Protected, started politely as a politician, Hill said.

“When I first met him, it was in the Logged Building, and I was there to take a picture of him. He was filling envelopes – the beginning of his political career. My assignment. Alberton I had to make a picture of this man

Randy Hill.

“So how do you get a good picture from the guy filling the envelope? I had to come back with the best picture.”

Hill suddenly had an idea.

He cut an envelope and placed his camera behind it with a wide-angle lens, which fully captured the moment. It was a boy, Peter Lugid, filling an envelope, and hoping for a political career.

It will go to the front page and apparently Mr. Lugid will remember.

So let’s move on to another important opportunity – the moment Peter Lugid visited the Kansas area with pilot and photographer Hill.

A small four-seater plane was kicking like a toy in the strong winds coming from the strong peaks.

“All I could remember was Peter sitting in the front, with the pilot on the right and I sitting behind him, with a camera around my neck,” says Hill.

“The point was to take a picture from there, in which Peter Lugid was looking down, whatever he was looking at,” says Hill.

Hill remembers flying very close to the mountain peaks, coming from the west to the east to get a good view, when the winds blow.

After passing through a mountain, the plane literally fell from the sky, catching a downdraft. Hill thought the wings would burst. He thought it was over.

Despite wearing seat belts, he and Lugid would both hit the roof of the plane, so dramatically falling. Hill’s camera smashed him in the face, temporarily stunned.

Thankfully, everyone fixed it, and Hill got the photo he needed.

Although the date of the flight is not known, what we do know is that thanks to the efforts of Calgary-based environmentalist Bill Bill and MLA Clarence Copethorn’s lobbying efforts, in 1978, It will create a large protected area, lush forests and emerald green waterways that we now call the Kansas Country.

A protected, ecological reserve and recreation area, it covers 4,000 square kilometers (1,544 square miles) of designated Wildland Park, provincial parks, amusement parks, environmental reserves and cultural zones.

However, it was not only Lugaid’s political achievements and far-sightedness that were appreciated, it was also his way of doing business.

Hurry up to a dinner party in Mackenzie Town that has a variety of media types and I’m sitting with the woman who was in the inner circle of the loggia at the time.

I make the mistake of asking him, “What was it like to be in power with Peter Lugid?”

She was shocked by the question and told me so. But then he explained why.

Staff were never allowed to say or express the word “power” in front of Peter Lugid.

According to the woman, Logid strongly insisted that her staff understand clearly that they represent the people of Alberta and that power has nothing to do with it.

God help you if you use the word “power,” he said, adding that working with Logade was “an amazing experience.”

It was also Logide who instructed his cabinet not to have any affiliation with any particular high-profile German weapons lobby, which would later become embroiled in a scandal with a former prime minister and spend a term in prison in Munich. ਕਰੇ۔

Lugid did not tolerate this kind of nonsense.

Hill will also remember a fabulous dinner function that marked his purchase. Alberton by the the sun, Which was attended by big business people from Toronto, and the Prime Minister and his wife.

Hill, who was assigned to take the picture, was thrown into a corner away from the action when Logged shouted throughout the room: “Hey Randy, what are you doing sitting there?”

He called her to the main table, took his wife aside, and made room for her – who was stunned. the sun Brass in silence.

“You know, from taking a picture of him filling an envelope, to a plane flight, to the people of Toronto who didn’t know me from Adam … and here the Prime Minister of Alberta feels like I’m It’s important to make a fuss. “

And we wonder why Alberta is in this mess. Maybe we should start by looking at the people above.

Dave McCachk is a Western quality partner..
He worked in the media for decades, including as editor of the Calgary Herald. He is also the military editor of the Asia Times.
[email protected]

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