Lukashenko provides food and clothing to immigrants who remain at the border

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko provided food and warm clothing to immigrants who chose to stay on the border between the former Soviet Union and Poland and would not return home on Friday.

Lukashenko made this promise while visiting facilities at the border to accommodate migrants.

“My task is to help you, people who are in trouble,” Lukashenko told thousands of immigrants when he visited the immigration facility at the Bruzigi warehouse. “We, Belarusians including myself, will do whatever we want, even if it is not good for Poles, Latvians and others.”

“We will work with you for your dreams,” Lukashenko added.

Lukashenko’s visit came after several weeks of tensions at the border, where hundreds of people are still trapped. Since November 8, a large number of people, mainly from the Middle East, have been trapped at the border crossing between Belarus and Poland, and the two armies have faced each other. Most people are fleeing domestic conflicts or feelings of despair and intend to travel to Germany or other Western European countries.

Lukashenko once again called on Germany to accept immigrants.

German government spokesman Stephen Seibert strongly denied Lukashenko’s claim on Friday that Germany has agreed to accept the 2,000 immigrants currently in Belarus.

“It is incorrect for Germany to agree to this,” he told reporters in Berlin.

Videos and photos taken by local media show that the Belarusian dictatorship is investigating the situation in the crowded residences of immigrants. The Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported that a large number of immigrants applauded Lukashenko when he arrived.

Lukashenko said that in addition to the approximately 2,000 people in the border facilities, there are currently 2,000 to 3,000 immigrants remaining in Belarus. He promised the immigrants that the Belarusian authorities would help them return to their homeland-but only if they wanted to.

Lukashenko said: “In any case, if you don’t want it, we will not detain you, tie your hands, load you on the plane and send you home.”

Lukashenko said that about 200 migrants still try to enter the European Union illegally every day.

On Friday, more than 170 people returned to Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Iraq, and another return flight is expected later in the day. Last week, 430 Iraqis returned home after unsuccessful attempts to enter the European Union.

The West accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of inducing thousands of immigrants to Belarus, and promises to help them travel to Western Europe, using them as pawns to destabilize the 27-nation European Union, in retaliation for his autocratic government. Sanctions. Belarus denied that it planned the crisis.


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