Liberal Party candidate disappointed in symbol theft and vandalism

Liberal Party candidate Estelle Hijratas said she was trying to build support for her party in rural areas, but sign thieves and thugs have made it almost impossible.

Hjertaas, who also ran for the Liberals in 2019, said about 30 signs around Prince Albert and on the ring roads had been stolen or damaged. He said this was making it difficult to campaign in rural areas, where some voters wondered why it did not have a large presence.

Hijratas said in an interview, “We knew some of the traces would be smashed, but I didn’t realize the full extent of it until one of our volunteers made it all the way to Nippon and realized that almost none There are no signs yet. ” Monday. “I mean, we’ve replaced some, but it’s too late to buy more.”

Hjertaas said signs of a liberal lawn in Prince Albert have also disappeared, forcing at least one of his supporters to remove the mark every night from the lawn to prevent damage or theft. He said that he has made things difficult in a short campaign, where candidates do not have much time to convey their message.

However, Hjertaas said it was outside Prince Albert where he still had the most problems. Marks along the highway leading out of the city and towards Christopher Lake in the north or Shellbrook in the west have caused the most damage, as has happened to others in the Napaon and Carrot River areas.

Hijratas said he was concerned that the lack of symbols would send the wrong message to voters.

“I want people to know that I am committed to the whole ride, and I want to represent it all,” Hijratas said in an interview Monday. “We tried to go out for the whole ride and sign up in different communities. I just want people to know that this is not a situation where we don’t care or I’m not affiliated with them.

Liberal Yard signs were also stolen and damaged during the 2019 elections. This year, Hijratas lodged a complaint with the police after a video surfaced of someone damaging election symbols. He has no plans to contact police this year, but urged residents to do so if they have evidence that someone is damaging property.

“Whether it’s my signs or someone else’s, it’s a completely inappropriate and criminal offense,” he said.

Hjertaas said some people who have informed him about the theft or vandalism are not even supporters. They are regular residents who are concerned about the loss.

Hjertaas added that she wanted to see all campaigns have an equal opportunity to make their case to voters.

“I want people to stop hurting my marks or anyone else,” he said. “It’s not fair. It’s clearly a criminal offense and it’s against democracy.


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