Legalt cursed the Liberals.

Loose lips shake planes – especially when it comes to the awful home equity tax.

Blacklock reporter. The Liberal Party is said to have made no comment yesterday when a Pacific candidate was quoted as saying that the cautionary cabinet would “unfortunately” have to pay a tax on home equity.

In New Brunswick Southwest, Liberal candidate Jason Hickey commented in a video recording distributed by the Conservative Party.

“Whoever sells their basic home, you make money on it, unfortunately, you have to pay taxes on it,” Hickey said.

“I wouldn’t agree with that either, but that’s what we have to do.”

Conservatives will not say when the video conference was recorded, although Hickey cited the liberal platform, which was released on September 1.

Original residences are not currently taxed.

“Justin Trudeau has claimed that the Liberals have no plans to tax the sale of your home, despite a promise on their own platform,” said Conservative MP Pierre Pavillero (Carlton, Camel).

“However, now we know the truth.”

The prime minister said Tuesday that the re-elected Liberal cabinet would never tax Canadians’ home equities, but did not elaborate on the New Brunswick candidate’s comments.

“We want to protect people who have had equity in their home for many years,” Trudeau said.

“We are not going to end the Capital Gains waiver for basic housing.

“We will not do that. I am happy to announce very strongly and clearly that we will not do that.

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation funded 2020 250,000 in 2020 from pro-tax researchers at the University of British Columbia. Wealth and race inequality in Canadian housing. The report has not been released to the public.

Avon Suddle, then CEO of Kroon Corporation, testified in the Commons Finance Committee on April 2 that tax policy is not CMHC’s business. Suddle had publicly claimed that considering the equity tax was fake news.

“Do you support studying the question of taxing capital gains or do you think it would advise your government to find out?” Asked Conservative MP Pat Kelly (Calgary Rocky Ridge).

Suddle replied, “I was actually accused of lying and covering up the media.

The question of tax policy is not for us. This finance is for Canada.

Suddle had criticized earlier. Of black lock. To describe the study of equity tax as “a non-story,” “lie,” “false,” “irresponsible,” “substandard,” “argument,” “terrible,” and “poor.”

But later. Access to information Records obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation confirm that Suddle personally contacted the investigators to complete the tax study.

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