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The Australian government on Thursday introduced a controversial legislation that will protect the right of people of faith to express their religious beliefs without being “cancelled, persecuted or slandered.”

The law was introduced by the devout Christian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to protect Australians from existing anti-discrimination legislation. “Statement of belief.”

“Many people from different religious traditions are worried about the lack of religious protection to deal with the’cancellation culture’ that prevails in Australian life,” Morrison said, explaining the decision to advance the bill.

People should not be cancelled, persecuted or slandered because their beliefs are different from others.

The legislation was introduced after years of debate on religious discrimination and expression of beliefs after the country’s same-sex marriage was passed in 2017.

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Why form a united front against awakeningism?

LGBT+ rights groups expressed concern about the level of protection provided to religious groups in the bill, warning that the bill may allow them to engage in derogatory or harmful behavior in the workplace, school, or other institutions.

One area of ​​concern raised by activists opposed to the legislation is that it will allow religious organizations to preferentially hire people of faith. LGBT+ groups worry that this may lead to the dismissal of teachers in the country’s Catholic schools because the institution’s “Religious spirit.”

In order to appease critics, the Australian government has made it clear that the freedom granted by this legislation does not allow religious persons “Threats, intimidation, harassment or defamation” other.

The bill cannot be guaranteed to be passed in the House of Commons when it faces a vote next week, because some legislators threatened to oppose the legislation because it has nothing to do with the Covid-19 vaccine authorization and they want Morrison to ban the bill.

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