Labor leader’s Covid test again positive — RT World News

Sir Kil Starmer begins the sixth quarantine, which is the second time he has contracted the coronavirus since October

One day after Birmingham delivered an important speech, the leader of the Labour Party, Sir Kier Starmer, was forced to withdraw from the Prime Minister’s Question (PMQ) meeting held in Parliament on Wednesday.

The Labour Party announced on Wednesday that Stammer had contracted the new crown virus again. This was part of his routine testing system, which forced him to self-isolate for the sixth time since the pandemic began. He has been vaccinated with two doses of Covid vaccine and a booster shot. It is believed that he has no symptoms but is in isolation according to the government’s guidance.

He had previously contracted the virus at the end of October and had to self-isolate four other times after contacting other people who tested positive.

Stammer gave a positive test result less than 24 hours after expounding his vision for the country in a speech in Birmingham, where he outlined his “The Contract with the British People” If the Labour Party takes office in the next election.

Participants at the event were local Labour Party MPs, district officials, political party advisers and members of the media. After speaking, Sir Keele visited a nearby green energy research base. It is not clear whether other people he has contacted have tested positive or are in self-isolation.

British government regulations currently stipulate that infected persons must self-isolate for 10 days from the day they test positive using PCR. However, if two independent lateral flow tests performed within a few days are negative, the isolation time can be reduced to 7 sky. Five and six.

Stammer’s positive results were announced after the number of daily new coronary pneumonia cases in the UK hit a record high. On Tuesday, 218,724 new infections were reported, bringing the total number of infections in the past 7 days to 1,269,878.

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