Kazakh police “eliminates” protesters because CSTO deploys troops | Protest News

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The police stated that the demonstrators were “destroyed” overnight because the Russian-led coalition approved the deployment of troops to quell the riots.

According to media reports, the Kazakhstan police killed dozens of protesters who tried to attack government buildings because the Russian-led military alliance approved the dispatch of peacekeeping troops to the Central Asian country to quell the unrest. trigger Because of rising fuel prices.

Kazakhstan police spokesman Saltanet Azilbek told Khabar-24 TV channel on Thursday that “extremist forces” attempted to attack the administrative building and police department in Almaty, the country’s largest city, overnight. .

“Dozens of attackers have been wiped out and their identities are being determined,” she said.

The casualties occurred amid ongoing turmoil in Kazakhstan. Although there were dozens of soldiers and a few armored personnel carriers, hundreds of protesters rallied in Almaty’s main square on Thursday.

A Reuters reporter reported at the scene that gunshots were heard when the army approached the crowd.

The new protest took place a day after the demonstrators onslaught The presidential palace and the office of the mayor of Almaty were set on fire. On Wednesday, crowds also briefly occupied Almaty Airport, causing many flights to be cancelled.

The Ministry of Interior of Kazakhstan stated that at least 8 policemen and the National Guard were killed in the riots and 300 people were injured.

As tensions escalated, President Qassim-Jomart Tokayev Wednesday night Ask for help The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which is a Moscow alliance of six former Soviet Union countries.

The Chairman of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan said on Thursday that the alliance has now approved the dispatch of an unknown number of peacekeepers to Kazakhstan.

Pashinyan stated in a Facebook statement that troops will be sent “with the objective of stabilizing and normalizing the situation in Kazakhstan within a limited time.”

He also blamed “external intervention” for the large-scale protests.

State television reported on Thursday that the National Bank of Kazakhstan has decided to suspend the work of the country’s banks to ensure the safety of its employees, while Middle Eastern airlines flydubai and Arab Airlines said they have cancelled flights to Almaty. .

The President of Kazakhstan earlier vowed to take Severe measures In order to quell the riots and declare a two-week state of emergency across the country, the declared state of emergency in the capital Nur-Sultan and the largest city, Almaty, has been expanded.

The emergency decree imposed a night curfew and restricted access to urban areas and surrounding areas.

Tokayev also Be fired The cabinet responded to the unrest.

As tensions escalated on Wednesday night and the Kazakh news website became unavailable, global watchdog Netblocks stated that the country is experiencing widespread internet power outages.

The Russian news agency TASS reported that Internet access in Almaty had been restored earlier on Thursday.