Kamala Harris has made history as a vice president, but is not very conspicuous in the office

What happened to Kamala Harris?

When Joe Biden made the junior senator of California his running mate, she smashed various ceiling glass Harris was elected as the vice president. Since then, she has largely withdrawn from daily work in Washington and the unresolved drama of the struggle surrounding the president’s agenda.

Part of the answer is simple: What happened to Harris was that she became the vice president.

Even if she shoulders a series of policy combinations, Even if she visits Paris this week In order to resolve the broken relationship between the government and France, the second position in the White House is essentially a diminishing position. This is still a fact.

When the staff member happens to be Harris, pointing out this is neither racist nor misogynistic.

Almost every vice president in modern history—except Dick Cheney, who played an unusually important role in national defense and foreign policy under President George W. Bush—see They are younger than when he or she accepted the position.

That’s because the main job requirement is to stay away from the spotlight, unless cheerleading for the president and his agenda.

This requires varying degrees of flattering. After four years of castration, Mike Pence didn’t seem to mind his boss. President Trump, some of Trump’s Supporters want to kill Pence and refuse to illegally overthrow Biden’s election. Pence, no matter what he achieved in life, he succeeded in setting new standards for tolerance and low self-esteem.

People have different and higher expectations of Harris, mainly because of her groundbreaking election. No one like her-the first woman, the first black, the first Asian to be elected vice president-has ever crossed the upper reaches of Washington. Her every move is unprecedented, and it certainly seems to be worthy of special attention and a lot of news coverage.

But a basic rule—never deliberately cast a shadow on the president, or look eager to take his place—will not succumb to history or celebrities. This is especially true when the CEO is a vulnerable 78-year-old.

Therefore, since taking office, Harris has made humility a top priority on her public-facing agenda, as well as other tasks-voting rights, space exploration, women in the workforce, Immigrants from Central America, There is more—the President gave it to her. This is not surprising. Caution has always been a hallmark of Harris’ political career, and the submissive nature of the vice president and the sensitive scrutiny of the slightest hint of personal ambition by Biden’s supporters have reinforced this tendency.

(The tension between the president and vice president staff has a long history, and the Biden White House is no exception.)

Another reason Harris faded out of background was her thin resume in Washington.

Chris Devine, who teaches political science at the University of Dayton and co-authored two books, said that vice presidents are usually chosen because they are considered to “do things that the president can’t do, or can’t do well.” In the vice president.

Biden, Cheney, and Al Gore have the Capitol Hill experience that the presidents they serve — Barack Obama, Bush, Bill Clinton — lack. Pence served as a member of Congress for more than a decade before becoming governor of Indiana. He served as Trump’s messenger to the conservative and evangelical factions of the Republican Party.

There are many things that Harris can do that Biden can’t do, or hasn’t done yet-including performing in her current job.

The president has served in the Senate for 36 years, and Harris has only served for four years-most of which time she prepares for the 2020 presidential campaign-so Biden does not need Harris to help build relationships with lawmakers or be on Pennsylvania Avenue Find the way to the House of Representatives and the Senate.Although the vice president was one of the people who called from the war room that was established last week Pushing Biden’s huge infrastructure bill to cross the finish line, She did not play a role closer to the legislator like Biden did during the Obama era.

Harris, 57, is visiting for the third time as vice president. When Harris was still in elementary school, Biden began traveling abroad as a senator. Therefore, Biden does not have to count on his vice president to explain the difference between the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, or teach him the etiquette to meet with the Pope that Biden has visited three times.

Harris was chosen to fight alongside Biden, largely because she brought balance -Relatively young, her race and gender-Democratic presidential candidate. In the White House, the president tried to make his vice president appear to be an official partner of the “Biden-Harris administration.” But in fact, she is more like an apprentice.

Several vice presidents emerged from the shadow of the Oval Office and the humble No. 2 position to win the presidency, including after a legend like Ronald Reagan or a historical creator like Obama took office.

Unless an unforeseen event occurs, Harris will have at least three years, and possibly even seven years, to study and grow in the White House.

She would mostly do this out of sight, and for many people, it was absent-minded.

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