Kamala Harris becomes the first woman with presidential power

It was colonoscopy that made history.

Although President Biden Got anesthetized on friday For routine medical procedures, Vice President Kamala Harris assumed the power of commander-in-chief.

This is the first time a non-male character has taken up this role, even temporarily. Biden handed over his power to Harris from 7:10 a.m. to 8:35 a.m. Pacific time, and the White House stated that she worked most of her time in her office in the West Wing.

The shift in power reminds people Harris’s position Become the Vice President as the first woman and the first person of color.

“Is the glass ceiling broken?” said Bakary Sellers, Harris’ political ally. “No, but it does have another crack.”

This moment gives us a glimpse of the elusive future for American women so far. A few people have ran for the highest office in the United States-of course, Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton), The most recent is coming ——But none of them succeeded.

The Harbingers sought the Democratic presidential nomination before dropping out of school at the beginning of last year’s election. Biden chose her He served as his vice president shortly before accepting the nomination himself.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that Biden knew he “created long overdue history” when he chose Harris, adding that he chose her because she was prepared to intervene “if there is a reason.”

Pasaki told reporters at a press conference on Friday: “Every time they work together, every time she speaks on behalf of the government as the Vice President of the United States, we make history.” “But today is definitely that history. Another chapter of

Once Biden was no longer under anesthesia, Harris left the White House for Columbus, Ohio, where she visited the union headquarters as a government effort to promote Its infrastructure legislation.

Harris has attracted great attention, not only because of her historical position, but also because of Biden’s age. He is the oldest person to be sworn in as president and will turn 79 on Saturday.

Biden at the White House called it a colonoscopy during a regular physical examination. He said that when he walked out of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returned to the White House, his health was “well.”

A medical report issued by the White House stated that the results of the colonoscopy were “reassuring.” It also stated that the president’s movements were “significantly stiffer and less fluid” than in the past, and an inspection determined that the stiffness was the result of years of “wear and tear”.

The report concluded that Biden is “fit for the successful performance of presidential duties”.

The transfer of power is handled in accordance with Article 3 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allows the president to voluntarily transfer power to the vice president.

President Biden waved as he got out of the car.

President Biden arrived at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday for a medical examination.

(Evan Wucci/Associated Press)

This is not an unusual step. President George W. Bush underwent colonoscopy in 2002 and 2007, and Vice President Dick Cheney was temporarily in charge.

When President Reagan performed colon surgery in 1985, he ceded power to Vice President George H.W. Bush.

Andra Gillespie, an African-American political scholar at Emory University, said she hopes Harris’ moment “helps normalize the idea of ​​women in positions of power”.

“This moment is important, not because it has received a lot of attention, or it will become the key to the life of the country,” she said. “But it helps us get used to seeing women in this position.”

She said people should know that women are responsible for “business as usual.”

“When the president checks the colon, time doesn’t stop,” Gillespie said. “We will all be fine.”

Sellers have another way to summarize the day.

“This is really an exciting experience,” he said.

Evan Halper, a staff writer for The Times, contributed to this report.

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