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Controversial psychologist and author Jordan Peterson claimed that Western countries have no “moral right” to force developing countries to reduce pollution emissions, but pointed out that improving the economy is the key.

In the BBC’s “Question Time” program on Thursday, the Canadian professor pointed out that the focus of climate change policy should be on encouraging countries with more pollution to develop cheap energy.

“The best long-term solution is to strive to make developing countries as rich as possible, and the best way to do this is not to control their pollution emissions, but to help them develop the cheapest energy as quickly as possible. ,” Peterson said.

During the debate, Mims Davies, the Deputy Minister of Employment in the United Kingdom, stated that measures taken to address climate change should not be “The cost of developing countries.” But Peterson retorted “Of course, 100% will be [at their expense]. “

I don’t think we have any moral right to do so in the West.

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Jordan Peterson criticizes

He also criticized the recent COP26 climate change conference for failing to explore ideas on how to best improve the national economy of developing countries, and pointed out that he saw “There are few such thoughts” Step out of the United Nations summit.

In the last few hours of the two-week meeting, China and India intervened to soften the language of the Glasgow Convention on the use of coal.The two countries demanded to amend the final text of the agreement, demand that coal be phased out and amended to “Phase out the unabated coal.”

This move prompted COP26 Chairman and British Minister Alok Sharma to announce that China and India will have to “Certified legal” Their actions against countries that are more vulnerable to the effects of global warming. However, officials in Beijing and New Delhi both countered that the criticism was unfair.

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