Italy requires people 50 years and older to be vaccinated against coronavirus

The Italian government mandates that people 50 years of age or older be vaccinated against the coronavirus

Earlier in the day, this country of approximately 59 million people confirmed 189,000 new infections.

“We want to curb the growth of the infection curve and promote the vaccination of Italians who have not yet been vaccinated,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi told his ministers at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday night. An official quoted an official in his office as saying. .

The cabinet voted unanimously to approve the authorization, and the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta said that this made Italy a pioneer in Europe and cracked down on those who refused to be vaccinated, and these people now account for Italy’s rapid population Most patients in ICU beds.

Approximately 78% of the Italian population has been vaccinated against the coronavirus that can cause COVID-19. So far, about 36% of people have received booster injections, which experts say is a key tool to reduce the possibility of infection requiring intensive care or fatal.

Draghi said that the decision to require the elderly to be vaccinated was because they were worried that they would be at greater risk of being hospitalized and “to reduce the pressure on the hospital and save lives.”

Failure to immediately announce any penalties that may be faced by seniors who have not been vaccinated. But Health Minister Roberto Speranza told reporters that anyone 50 years or older will be checked before entering the workplace to see if they have a “super green pass.” This certification is reserved for those who have been fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from COVID-19.

Workplace requirements for older workers in the public or private sector came into effect on February 15. If workers are not currently vaccinated, this date may give them time to fully vaccinate.

A requirement has also been adopted that anyone working or receiving services in beauty salons and similar establishments will test negative for the virus if they have not been vaccinated or have recently recovered from COVID-19. The same rules will apply to shops in shopping centers as well as banks and post offices. Those who work or patronize in pharmacies or food stores will be exempted.