Invaluable jewelry stolen from Dresden Castle “Green Vault” museum in Germany

The search continues after thieves broke into Europe’s largest treasure trove and allegedly took more than 1 1 billion worth of jewelry. The daring robbery took place Monday morning inside the Green Vault in Dresden Castle, East Germany. German police Said.

Thieves stole three sets of historical jewelry, each containing 37 pieces. BBC News report. Officials and museum officials in Saxony are still trying to determine how much money was actually taken.

A photo taken on April 9, 2019 shows a white silver room in the historic Gruenes Gewoelbe at the Royal Palace in Dresden, Germany.

Sebastian Kahnert / Getty

“We’re talking about things of great cultural value here,” museum director Dirk Syndrome told a news conference. “It’s almost a World Heritage Site. There is nowhere else to store jewelry in this shape, quality and quantity.”

Police said the two robbers entered through a window, walked towards the glass vet, smashed it and took away the stolen jewelery, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. German newspaper Blood The estimated cost is over $ 1.1 billion.

Marion Ackerman, director general of the Dresden State Museum, said “invaluable” items “cannot be legally sold in the art market – they are very popular.”

Michael Kreetsmer, President of Saxony Condemned the crime On Twitter, “Not only state art reserves were looted, but we Saxons as well.”

A woman is looking at valuables.
File photo of a woman looking at valuables in the Jewel Room of the Green Vault State Art Collection in Dresden, Germany in 2006.

Norbert Mellor / Getty

“Treasures in the Green Vault and Residence Palace have been hard-won by the people of the Free State of Saxony for centuries,” Kritsmer tweeted. “No one can understand the history of our country, our independent state, without the Green Vault and Saxony State Art Collection.”

The Green Vault is one of the oldest museums in Europe, founded in 1723 by August the Strong, Elector of Saxony. One of 12 museums featuring Dresden’s state-of-the-art collections of state art, the vault has been divided into a historic and new museum. According to the BBC, there are about 3,000 items of gold, silver, ivory and pearl jewelery and other treasures.

Three rooms were destroyed during World War II, but the museum was restored and opened to the public in 2006.

The museum’s most valuable jewelry is preserved. The 41-carat gem, known as the Dresden Green Diamond, is currently on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Seen in Dresden Green Diamond.
The 41 carat Dresden Green Diamond can be seen in the 2004 file photo. It was lent to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art when jewelry thieves broke into its home museum in Dresden and stole an estimated 1 billion.

Norbert Mellor / Getty


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