In South Korea, hair loss has become a new election problem

South Korean presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung is not bald

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korean presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung is not bald. But because he pushed the government to pay for hair loss treatment, he got the support of many bald voters.

The bald person’s online community is flooded with information supporting his proposal. There are also strong criticisms that this is just a populism-driven campaign promise by the ruling party candidate Lee to win votes.

News on social media included “Brother Jae-myung. I love you. I will place you in the Blue House” and “Your Excellency Mr. President! You brought new hope to baldness for the first time in Korea.”

Li wrote on Facebook: “Please let us know the inconvenience caused by hair loss treatment and what must be reflected in the policy.” “I will propose a perfect policy on hair loss treatment.”

Li is an outspoken liberal who leads the polls. Some critics call him a dangerous populist.

“(Li’s idea) seems to be a necessary step for many people who are worried about hair loss, but it is nothing more than serious populism because it will worsen the financial stability of the national insurance plan,” the conservative Culture Daily reported in a report. The statement said. Editorial Thursday.

Currently, hair loss related to aging and genetic factors is not covered by government-run insurance plans. Only when hair loss is caused by certain diseases, the treatment of hair loss is supported.

According to reports, one in five Koreans suffers from hair loss.