In his speech on January 6, Biden actively attacked Trump

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For most of last year, President Biden tried to ignore his predecessor because he tried to fulfill his campaign promises to restore some kind of ostensible political normality in the country.

But in a thrilling speech on the first anniversary of a bloody riot in the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, Biden basically admitted that he could not rebuild a world before Donald Trump took office, nor could he deliver protection without speaking out. The promise of democracy.Former president’s Played a role in lying about the 2020 election results and inciting thugs who attacked the Capitol.

“For the first time in our history, the president not only lost the election. When a violent mob arrived at the Capitol, he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power,” Biden said in a historic chamber of the Capitol. Biden is a former senator, and he admires this.

Biden avoided using Trump’s name, a practice he has been trying to follow since taking off on January 20. But it hardly matters. Just like the prosecutor’s statement of closing the case, as the slow-motion riots accelerated, the president methodically described Trump’s actions in detail. He described how Trump lit the fuse and watched it on White House TV, “doing nothing for a few hours” to stop it.

In closing his case, Biden severely cracked down on Trump’s motives:

Biden said: “For him, his injured self-esteem is more important than our democracy or the Constitution.” “He can’t accept that he loses.”

This is not a commemorative event full of calls for unity or normalcy, but a call for Americans to accept the truth about what happened a year ago. No one is trying to say that this country has healed and has come together with common goals or beliefs.

On the contrary, Biden refuted Trump’s claim that the election was rigged for most of the speech, and asked why many Republicans who supported the former president’s fraud allegations did not raise their victory on the same ballot. objection.

A year after pro-Trump mobs stormed the Capitol, injured more than 100 policemen, killed 5 people, and forced lawmakers to evacuate the Capitol, few people thought such a speech was necessary. Biden certainly did not anticipate the need to make such a speech. He presented his candidacy, thinking that he was an experienced person who had worked in the aisle and was one of the adults in the room. He believes that this country can recover from a president who has been impeached twice, who broke the norm and challenged the cornerstone institutions.

“What fundamentally changed things was Donald Trump leaving the White House,” Biden said during his first campaign visit to New Hampshire in 2019“You will see many of my Republican friends have an epiphany.”

On the night he was declared the winner of the election, Biden still believed he would heal.

“It’s time to put away the harsh words, lower the temperature, meet again, and listen to each other again. In order to make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as enemies,” He said.

But many elected Republicans and conservative media figures – even those who once thought Biden won the election or texted Trump asking him to stop the rebellion – have since addressed Tron from his home in Florida. Pu pays his respects. They magnified his false statements.Lies have taken over ordinary people in the party: recently three-quarters of Republican voters National Public Radio Poll Agree with Trump’s view that there are “real cases of fraud that change the outcome.”

The closest that Biden crossed the aisle on Thursday was an offer to cooperate with Republicans who accepted the election, and a concession to lies that “some brave men and women in the Republican Party are opposing”. But even so, he just stopped here, and soon returned to his harsher argument: “Too many other people are turning that party into something else.”

Biden seems to understand that his words are unlikely to win him the conversion of Republicans, nor are they likely to further politicize the event. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Trump’s close ally, admitted in a statement on Thursday that on January 6, he “cannot believe that the mob could take over the U.S. Capitol at such a critical moment — proof that the President General election.”” Then he criticized Biden’s speech on Twitter, calling it “the shameless politicization of January 6.”

The president’s willingness to attack Trump, even if not in name, will give some Democrats a sigh of relief, who believe that Biden’s determination to seek bipartisan cooperation and communicate normalcy has slowed his agenda. In particular, they believe that in the face of Republican-led efforts to change the rules at the state level, his strategy prevented him from clarifying all the reasons for the voting rights bill.

They pointed out that a senator like Graham, who was once proud of being a bipartisan deal maker, is evidence of a change in the party.

Biden has always refused to give up his view that all parties can cooperate and may use it as evidence of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill he signed in November. But the Republican leaders did not participate in Thursday’s commemoration, and as the midterm elections approach this year, they may promote more intense partisanship.

Those who think this moment is a democratic emergency in the United States may finally get the speech they want. When Biden left the Capitol on Thursday morning, someone asked him whether yelling Trump would lead to more divisions rather than cures.

Biden told reporters: “In what way you must heal, you must recognize the extent of the wound.” “You can’t pretend. This is a serious matter.”
Contributing writer Eli Stokols contributed to this story.