Immigrant trafficker crashes on fake government food truck

Migrant smugglers in Mexico apparently painted fake government food distribution signs on a cargo truck to hide the fact that they were crammed with 38 migrants

Logos of the Mexican food safety agency and its affiliated food chain Diconsa were found on the truck. The agency distributes essential food items to government stores and sells them at discounted prices.

In a statement late Tuesday, the agency said smugglers “falsified” the signs “to transport Central American migrants.”

The migrants, including eight children, were detained by authorities with only minor injuries. The driver fled.

Migrants often pay smugglers to travel across Mexico in buses or trucks to the U.S. border. In the past, trucks carrying migrants have been spotted with fake logos from private companies to avoid detection.

However, such travel is very dangerous because smugglers often pack too many people into freight containers.

A smuggler’s semi-trailer overturned on a highway in a truck accident in southern Mexico on Dec. 9, killing 56 migrants. The truck was packed with as many as 250 migrants, and survivors said the speed and weight of the manned cargo may have played a role in the crash.