If no action is taken, the pipeline may be “blow up”——Environmentalist Suzuki——RT World News

David Suzuki, one of the world’s leading environmentalists, warned that unless the government listens to their requests and takes more determined action to combat climate change, activists may take radical action.

“We are in a deep and deep doo-doo,” Over the weekend, Suzuki, a well-known Canadian scientist, environmental activist and TV host, told the audience during an extinction rebellion climate change protest on Vancouver Island.

This is our purpose. In the next phase after this, if our leaders do not pay attention to what is happening, there will be pipelines blown up.

When asked by the National Post on Monday whether he would support the bombing of the pipeline, Suzuki replied: “of course not.”

“The violence comes from the authorities, from the government,” He said.At the same time, Suzuki stated that he believes that some militants may be forced to choose violence as an option because they “It feels like the government is not [doing] anything. “

Alberta Governor Jason Kenny said on Twitter, “David Suzuki’s incitement of violence is dangerous and should be generally condemned.” He urged a peaceful settlement of differences “The threat of terrorism.”

Irene O’Toole, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, also condemned Suzuki’s statement. “This means that energy workers and infrastructure should be the target of terrorist acts,” He wrote on Twitter.

Suzuki is described as one of the most famous environmentalists in the world. Since 1979, he has hosted and talked about “The Essence of Things”, a popular Canadian TV series about science and the environment.

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