Huge canyon rock landslide hits cruise ship, killing at least 5 people (video)-Action News Now

Shocking footage shows screaming tourists being crushed under huge stone pillars

A cliff in Minas Gerais, Brazil collapsed, crushing three tourist boats on the river below, killing at least 20 people, killing 5 people and injuring many others. The navy is investigating the tragedy.

The landslide occurred around noon on Saturday in a canyon along Lake Furnas near Capitolo, Minas Gerais. The disturbing video showed a large number of smaller rocks falling from the cliff, and then a huge rock separated from the cliff surface and collapsed directly on the boats of tourists in the water below.

Warning: Interfering with the screen

Shots taken from nearby ships showed that nearly a minute before the final collapse, passengers on board were desperately trying to warn ships approaching the cliff.

According to local emergency officials, the collapse caused 5 deaths and 9 serious injuries. About 23 others escaped with minor injuries and were later discharged from the hospital.

The Brazilian Navy has deployed a search and rescue team to the scene and is currently investigating the cause of the landslide.In a statement, the governor of Minas Gerais, Romeo Zema, accused “The heavy rain caused the stone walls to loosen.”

“Rescue work is still in progress,” Zema said, adding: “In this difficult time, I stand with my family.”

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