How US robbery gangs are organised online as police funding dwindles – Action News Now

Liberal city dwellers are waking up to where looting and violence are rampant, where police departments have been defunded across America.

It looked chaotic as a group of young men stormed the Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco’s Union Square from their cars and ran off with luxury purses, bags and designer clothes.

A few days later, about 80 people stormed the Walnut Creek Mall, stole valuables, and fled. Soon after, at the Grove Mall in Los Angeles, a small group of people used sledgehammers on Nordstrom.

But the California law firm. General Rob Bonta said that collective crime stemmed from an organized crime. Those who stormed into the store were mostly infantry with others giving orders from a safe distance.

So it started los angeles times Stories about what’s happening across the U.S. are called “Crush and snatch.”

According to Bonta, these are not independent looters, but organised criminals, coordinated by crime bosses through social media, with “infantry” Be directed to the most profitable and vulnerable stores and the most segregated and profitable products.

Bonta says it will adopt the new “Organized Strategy” Stop this organized crime, but many critics say the tactic used to “Polly

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