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Leonard Glenn Francis (Leonard Glenn Francis) is a Malaysian businessman who infiltrated the most powerful forces on the high seas by providing sex, champagne and security for officers, and built a billion-dollar empire. Now he was ready to speak.

Manila, 2007. Mercedes with a driver crawled south for half an hour in the endless traffic-on the right is the turbid waters of Manila Bay. The car was full of middle-aged people, and the mood was very excited… Leonard Glenn Francis was killing the senior commander of the US Seventh Fleet. These are the most powerful naval officers in Asia. They control about 60 ships and submarines, 150 aircraft and 20,000 sailors in a huge combat area extending from Hawaii to India…”

The men quickly walked through the air-conditioned hall, through the curtains at the back. On the other side, Filipino women-many just students-sit in a row in a fish tank, not by their names but by the numbers on their tight clothes… For these naval officers, it is always …Big boss or Lion King, Leonard dominates the game…”

The party was held in the $4,000 MacArthur Suite per night in the Manila Hotel… This was the home and combat headquarters of General Douglas MacArthur during World War II. The men squeezed into a Spanish mission-style room with wooden ceiling beams, marble tiles, ornate chandeliers and thick curtains. Leonard… put the $10,000 Dom Perignon Champagne King in the suite… The two-bedroom suite was filled with MacArthur’s souvenirs. In the study room of the suite, two beautifully carved wooden chairs-the only thing that survived the Battle of Manila, were placed in front of a table… One of them was already drunk and opened a box on the table with MacArthur Famous replica. The corn on the cob caught a woman.

Fat Leonard, as he became famous, Reminiscence scene as follows: “As fighters, they have been at sea for a long time-pilots, your nuclear weapons… they are, uh, the captain. Deep in their hearts is a beast that needs to come out… We went there to pick a group of karaoke girls and booked them and brought them back. They are like rock stars. They live their lives—live their dreams—things they will never do again in their lives. No one would give them such a party like I did…you know, they just started to undress and have sex there…pipes are used as dildos for prostitutes, mocking memorabilia of General MacArthur…they are totally blasphemous and insulting,“He said with a smile.

This is a large-scale carnival…this is the depth of our relationship with the navy…the entire command—the chain of command—must be in your pocket. This is what happened. Everyone is in my pocket…I put them in the palm of my hand, just rolling them. “

As he was trailer To the interview, “I see the navy in my eyes…I turned my gun at them because they betrayed me.”

Fat Leonard is a Malaysian businessman who bribed many officers and others in the US Navy until he was arrested. He paid the price for the prostitutes and carnivals of naval officers and has been ranked as an admiral. He hosted a luxurious party and a $30,000 dinner, and gave gifts to the officer’s wife-Chanel and Gucci handbags, Cohiba cigars and other small things-these good things are inseparable from any military officer or his wife.

In return, his corrupt officers ensured that their ships dock in Asian ports controlled by Fat Leonard.Since the 1980s, Leonard has provided what he calls “Steel Ring” Around the ship—it seems like the U.S. Navy should need help to protect itself. The steel ring is nothing more than a row of barges tied around a warship to prevent an attack in a Yemeni port in 2000, when two al-Qaeda agents rammed a ship full of explosives against the side of the warship. USS Cole, A guided missile destroyer killed 17 sailors and wounded 37 others.

After 9/11, 2001 was a very good year for Leonard. “couple” The monopoly of his supply company is called Glenn Defense Marine AsiaYou might say that Leonard has signed a contract with the US government since that time. He lives in a $130 million mansion in Singapore, where he owns 20 cars, including Rolls-Royce and military Hummers, all From his contract with the U.S. Navy.

Fat Leonard is more than just weight (he weighs up to 160 kilograms-he weighs 352 pounds on his 6 feet 3 inches body). He wears a Stars and Stripes tie, and the ringtone is Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless America”. The sloppy Joe is rooted in the American baseball team, so the people he serves really like him. He likes America because it is good for him-most people in the government don’t know it is good for him. Fat Leonard likes to sign with the US military.

But now Fat Leonard is crazy. It’s not just because his money-making empire collapsed when he was arrested in 2013. He pleaded guilty to all this in 2015 and is still awaiting house arrest in San Diego. No, Fat Leonard was angry, because some of the people in his pocket-the highest-ranking person who accepted his bribes-had not been taken away by him, although without them, nothing he had done would have happened. They are still at large, and the legal system has not shown obvious interest in them, which makes Leonard, who is usually jolly, sound drunk in his interviews, crazy enough to speak publicly.

Oh, of course, corruption scandals have led to multiple naval officers being accused, imprisoned for a period of time, and degraded, as well as the breakdown of their marriages. This is a common dereliction of duty that accompanies such scandals. But Leonard really wants to know, where is the jail time for high-ranking officials he himself is facing now?

Now that advanced kidney cancer has cost him a lot, Fat Leonard is shouting publicly.Reporter Tom Wright recently Be interviewed He and even Wright admitted that in the first interview, Leonard’s natural charm made him sympathize with the story of his childhood hardship and a man who made a difference by taking care of the most urgent “needs” of the U.S. Navy. .

I liked him once“Wright said.”But… there are some personal abuses of women in his life… The misogyny throughout the story is shocking… At the end of our interaction… I challenged him on many things… It was us The last conversation… His response to this was very, very convincing.

In the final episode, Leonard was obviously surprised to say to Wright, “I don’t know why you are so worried about prostitutes,” The prostitute they were talking about was the mother of his child.Wright linked his concerns about misogyny to the occurrence of Tail hook The scandals of the 1990s became an epidemic in the military at that time, because women were a new thing in the US military, and some male soldiers obviously did not know how to behave like colleagues in war by their side.

For Wright, this is not an obscene connection, because the key to Leonard’s success in the Navy is planning a carnival. Leonard’s long-term success story lies not only in his excellent work in providing “steel rings”. He also enthusiastically runs a sex circle for soldiers-like a bed. It doesn’t matter that he charges exorbitant fees for these illegal services, because those purchasers use US government money, not their own money, and their participation in such services actually guarantees that they will never be against the law. Nader screamed.

Leonard tasted his own treatment of women Has been arrested For his crime. He was stripped naked, chained, handcuffed, and forced to squat down.

Here, once you enter, you will be treated like an animal,” He complained.

They deprived a man of his dignity. He claimed that he had the right to drive a $20 billion ship to a port of his own choosing, boasting that he could effectively position the U.S. Navy as a civilian by choosing where to provide specific services. He was also accused of obtaining confidential information from people he corrupted.

What Leonard said is true scandal It was some senior admirals who benefited from his supplies who remained free, and some of them were allowed to retire honorably, even if he submitted evidence to prove their guilt.

I feel completely betrayed,“Leonard said.”They asked me to name all the people involved, or face 50 years in prison, but I spilled the beans… I gave them about 40 names. I basically told the U.S. Navy how deep the bribery was. It basically shakes the foundation of the navy…I feel very frustrated because looking at what I am going through… my whole life is destroyed. My business, my family, everything disappeared, you know, was hit like a tsunami… [Yet,] A four-star admiral I appointed was removed from office for being appointed by the President and the Senate. They cannot embarrass the government by suing him. This would be a shame.

Alas, the good times did not last forever. Fat Leonard’s empire has collapsed, and his anger is obvious, because the Epstein-like secrets he holds in the army are not good for him. He thought that the protection wrapped around him like a steel ring could not be combined.

I have more than 2,800 employees working for me in more than 30 countries, but everything is folded. Many innocent people lost their jobs and many families were destroyed. This is a deliberate economic loss to me.

Leonard’s crimes and those involved were reported to NCIS (Navy Crime Investigation Bureau) Written by a Navy wife who was physically abused, but for many years, nothing has been done to report anything, because Leonard has basically been enjoying his secrets through his secrets. Bought everyone during the service. According to Wright, Leonard even succeeded in corrupting a senior NCIS official-“corruption” usually means, in such a story, having someone participate in these sexual services, thus ensuring Leonard is not protected from NCIS. High-level protection to prevent the officials involved from incriminating themselves.

As Leonard said First interviewEveryone has their own needs. I gave them that confidence, and I gave them what they wanted… They can trust me… I played professionally. I play sex-whatever you need-anything. “

It works like a well-lubricated machine, hiding its mistakes…until one day it doesn’t.

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