Hong Kong authorities are killing wild boar after attacking a police officer and other animals.

Hong Kong authorities have a large number of wild boar. An increasing number of animal attacks, including the beheading of a police officer last week, triggered an operation Wednesday night in a district less than half an hour from Hong Kong’s financial center.

Experts used dart guns to capture seven wild boars, which were later shot down by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Medicine. Said in a statement.

Wild pigs eat fodder, after the government announced that they would catch and bite all wild pigs found in urban areas in Hong Kong.
In Hong Kong, China, on November 17, 2021, after the government announced that it would capture and kill all wild boar found in urban areas, wild boars eat fodder.

Tyrone SIU / Reuters

Wild boar is a common sight in Hong Kong. Along the hiking trail. Despite the authorities’ plea not to do so, most people feed them because they can transmit diseases and accumulate in large numbers. The department said previous efforts to rehabilitate and disinfect pigs “have not been able to effectively control the wild boar problem”.

The statement said that “a large group of wild boars kept roaming and gathering at the site, posing a threat to the public and road users.”

The department also warned that wild boar could transmit diseases, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis E, and influenza A, “thus posing a threat to public health.”

Last week, a wild boar knocked down an assistant police officer and cut off his leg, killing him in a residential car park. Hong Kong leader Kerry Lam has since warned of harsher punishments for those caught stealing pigs.

“I think a lot of people in Hong Kong love wetlands and nature. However, we also need to protect the people,” Lam told a regular news conference earlier this week.

“There were about 30 cases of wild boars attacking humans. We can’t sit idly by when things get bad,” he said.

The humanitarian group ADM Capital Foundation, the Hong Kong Veterinary Association and other animal rights organizations have since sent an open letter to the government criticizing the change in pig-killing policy.

The letter said, “While it is recognized that the majority of the population does not breed wild boar, the relatively low results are significant, and thus sufficient resources must be allocated to stop this process.”

An animal worker was detained by police as he tried to trap wild boars, which were later caught, and in Hong Kong, under a change in animal control policy in urban areas. Is put down.
On November 17, 2021, in Hong Kong, China, an animal worker was arrested by police as he tried to free wild pigs from traps, which were later captured and controlled in urban areas. Is subject to change in policy.

Tyrone SIU / Reuters

A petition from groups including the Hong Kong Animal Post and the Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group states that the measures announced by the Department of Agriculture to regularly capture and hunt wild boar “ignore their right to live.” And their existence in urban areas is considered a crime. This view is highly unreasonable and contradicts previous principles of animal management policy. “

AFP: More than 70,000 people have signed the online petition. Reported.

Wild boars have also been a recent public concern in Europe. In september Shakira said she was attacked. Through two wild boars in Barcelona, ​​Spain.


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