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K9 was separated from her trainer on Tuesday while pursuing a suspect in bushes near Brisbane, Australia

Police and volunteers were involved in a massive search and rescue operation after a police dog went missing outside the Australian city of Brisbane earlier this week.

PD Quizz, a 3-year-old sable German shepherd, was with his breeder as he pursued an alleged car theft in the Ipswich area about 40km west of Brisbane’s CBD on Tuesday​ ​separate.

The suspect abandoned the stolen vehicle and tried to flee through the bushes. The dog followed him into the dense vegetation and has not been seen since.

Queensland police have been doing all they can to find the dog, which local media has described as “beloved.” Helicopters, drones and about 100 people have scoured the Ipswich bush over the past four days, the ABC reported.

quiz is “Irreplaceable” The dog’s breeder, Senior Constable Dan McGreevy, said in a video posted by police on Twitter.

“I grew up with him as much as he grew,” McGreevy insisted, adding that he was “Always be grateful” For everyone trying to help track down his friends.

Police have offered a reward for any information about the dog, but so far the search has been futile.

quiz may be “its stuck,” Police Inspector Michael Teasfield said. “The public may choose [him] Get up…and are housing real dogs,” He said, adding that this has happened before.

“We will never give up” Teasfield insists on finding the missing K9. However, he said if Quez was not found by Sunday afternoon, a coordinated effort to find him would be curtailed.

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