Hawaiian Beer River is real, tested positive for alcohol-RT World News

A stream of wine was found on a tropical island in Hawaii, emitting a strong smell of beer. After a leak occurred in a beverage warehouse, its water was obviously contaminated with alcohol.

A small river with a unique smell of alcohol was recently discovered on Oahu, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) from the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu. Its water flows all the way through the Waipio Valley, turning into a 100-foot (30-meter) waterfall on the way.

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The stream attracted the attention of local environmentalists, who noticed the smell of the area.

We came here a few days ago. You would think this is a beer hall that hasn’t opened for three or four days.,” activist Carol Cox told local Hawaiian News. She also contacted the Ministry of Health about this issue.

Local media took samples from unusual streams and conducted inspections in private laboratories. It tested positive for alcohol, and its water contained 1.2% – almost a quarter of the content of regular beer, strong enough to cause a buzzing sound.

The local health department stepped in and initiated an investigation into the source of the pollution. It is understood that this stream of water comes from a drain pipe that can be traced back to the warehouse of Paradise Beverages, Hawaii’s largest liquor distributor. Its representatives told the local media that they are working with officials to eliminate possible leaks because Jiuhe apparently closed its free beverage service.

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